Wednesday, January 16, 2008

OUTBACK (and kisses)

Ohhhh how I miss OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE in Korea. Those french fries drenched in cheese and real bacon and the spicy ranch dip that goes with it is ohhhhh soooooo divine (drool).

Oh what else, anyone ever tried the Alice Springs Chicken?

Well I have been craving it so much that I just decided to give it a try. I got the recipe online and cooked it up one night (sorry no pics). It too was ohhhhhh soooooo divine. I would recommend anyone to try it -- but only if you want to cheat on your diet because it's not a good idea to count the calories on this one

Here we are at Outback after our several plates of yummmminess!!!! Bellies stuffed and free kisses from Sung Hyun (maybe the only time he has kissed me in public)


Daniel said...

yeah, I'm always giving out free kisses after a nice meal like that. yum! :)

Sandra said...

Awe. You and Sung Hyun are so cute.

Amanda said...

I think he kissed you--sort of--when we went out with Anne Marie (is that one word, hyphenated, two?). But he does seem freaked out at the fact that Good Man kisses me in public.

Are you getting all of your crazy visa paperwork bits in order?

Chris said...

I didn't know your could find recipes for Outback menu items! That's cool. I actually enjoy that dish (Alice Springs Chicken). I think I have all the indgredients (or can easily get them) here in Seoul. Thanks for the tip. ~The Stumbler

Anonymous said...

you two are so cute
i wish i could be THAT happy
everyone does

Sandra said...

I will definately post pictures of the quilt and curtain when I'm done, I haven't gotten very far right now.

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Sandra said...

Hmmm. I've never actually tried it, so I know nothing about it :(