Thursday, January 31, 2008


One of the best things I have done since I have been back in Canada is spend a day with my girls at the spa. This is what I truly miss when I'm in Korea. We have been friends with each other since highschool (and some elementary) so we are able to look back and laugh at how silly we were as we're all grown up (well most of us)

We packed our suits and drove out of town to a nice little city known for it's mineral water. It's also where my friend Tanya lives so we were able have a slumber party after our relaxing day at the spa

The three gals

Here's our pruney hands too prove it

The best part of this spa is that there's a large pool that leads outside. It was so cold outside that all you could see was mist. We had a blast trying to snap pictures when the gust of wind pushed the mist out of the way for a brief second. We must have taken 100 pictures just trying to get one that turned out. We froze our hands in the process..................good times

Kim and myself posing

Tanya in the middle and Crystal on the right

we have found the light

but it allowed us to take some picture despite the fog

Not too sure when I will ever take a picture without these Korean fingers, but it's just such a habit

Then some lady dared us to go roll around in the snow and of course I'm always up for dares. I don't think she was actually serious but I did it anyway. Can you see the snow in the background? We weren't able to get a picture while I was in the snow b/c of the fog but believe me my body was numb after that

Kim tried it next

We decided we had enough once our hair started to turn gray. It was so crusty I thought it might have fallen out

An AWESOME day at the spa

Eskimo ladies

After we pruned our bodies we headed for dinner. It was so funny how this picture was actually taken. This man asked us to take a picture of his family so of course we did and then asked if he would return the favour and take a picture of us at the table. He did, but then he insisted that we all sit on the bench and then he said it would be best if we moved our jackets out of the way. On top of that he pulled the table away from us like 4 feet across the dining room b/c he said he didn't want that to spoil the picture. Well we certainly were the center of attention and all eyes were on us. We couldn't stop laughing at how much of a big deal he made of taking a great picture. Most definitely the highlight of the night

Then we had some munchies and watched PRETTY WOMAN

And then after all of that..........................we crashed!!!!! An AMAZING day with awazing friends


Annie-Me said...

bathing suits are for chickens ;)

Marie said...

I am not sure why but reading this entry from you made me tear up a little...probably because it made me happy for you that you were able to do that with your friends - or I am just a big sap? LOL But I am happy for you, I am sure you had a great time, because it sure shows that you did!

Why am I here??? said...

awww thanks Marie.......

Okay Annie the blue outfit is cute ;)