Saturday, December 01, 2007

A trip around the world

So here is the second post regarding the Jeju trip. We tried to squish everything into two days so we were on the go from the time we got there.

After the teddybear museum we headed to the beach. Unfortunately the weather wasn't nice enough to swim. I can only imagine how beautiful it would have been in summer.

But at least we got to have the whole beach to ourselves

These ladies carrying the buckets have just come in from the Sea. Can you see they are all geared up with scubba stuff. Only thing is that they hold their breath under the water and use only a knife to catch the fish. Actually these women are a MAJOR tourist attraction in Jeju.

In 2003, 5,650 sea women were registered in Cheju, of whom 85 percent were over
50 years old.
Only two were under 30.
"We are the end," Ms. Yang Jung Sun
said, satisfaction spreading across her face.
"I told my daughter not to do
this. It's too difficult."
Men dived until the 19th century but found the job
unprofitable because they, unlike women, had to pay heavy taxes, said Ko Chang
Hoon, a professor at Cheju National University.
So the women took over what
was considered the lowest of jobs and became the main breadwinners

[taken from

The women who cut up our live fish has been doing this for over 50 years. She
can hold her breath for over 4 minutes........impressive!!!

How was the fish? Well that's why I had a side of Ramyem (a.k.a. ichyban noodles)

But I was one satisfied customer nonetheless!!!!!!!!!!!!


Next stop SEX MUSEUM. Hummmm, not much to say here, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Yup Sung Hyun is one big pervert..........actually I won't even tell you what I was doing with the handle on the womens bathroom.

We got to take a tour of the tunnels dug by the Japanese at the time of the Korean war. Actually, Korean men were forced into slave labour and had to dig these tunnels for the Japanese. It definately hit Sung Hyun and he was feeling pretty sad after we left (If only he knew what is going on in North Korea right now)

After the tunnels we got to watch a 20 minute documentary on the event. At the start of the video they introduced Jeju as the Peace Island -- free from thieves, beggars and GAYS........

But food always makes him happy so we stopped for a quick snack.

Then we jumped in our car and traveled the world, all within the span of 2 hours........

Last stop .................... The waterfalls!!!!!!!!!!!


Sandra said...

You guys are so cute

CresceNet said...
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Professor Amy-Michelle said...

You went from visiting the Teddy Bear Museum to jumping around and doing seductive poses at the Sex Museum... talk about a turn of events... hehehe.
Super funny!
I have to say though, that first picture of you two at the start of this post is so pretty. Despite the weather looking not so bright, you two look so happy and very much in love. I'm happy for you Jenn, and I'm happy for Sung Hyun too.
You two are my favorite Korean couple, by far ;)

Amanda said...

What is he holding in the last picture? A stuffed human heart???

(And why can't I enter my website any longer? I hate Blogger.)

Beloved said...

Great pics, Jenn. Thanks for sharing them.

You guys definitely did way more in 2 days than I did when I visited. How did you get around? Did you rent a car? I made the mistake of letting a friend talk me into a Korean tour. I hate tours so I know I would have enjoyed it way more on my own. Still, it's just so beautiful there.

Brenner Family said...

I wish we had a sex cute love the pics Jen keep them coming!