Friday, December 28, 2007

The journey HOME

Okay so I had this splendid idea that I would come home to surprise my parents for Christmas. Originally my contract was supposed to end mid January, but with some begging and pleading I was fortunate enough to get out of my contract early.............SCORE!!!!

Sung Hyun drove me to the airport and I didn't feel too bad after heading through security. My mom's friend had planned a huge surprise party at my parents house. Anyways, upon arriving at my gate I had discovered that my flight was delayed 1 hour. I was a little disappointed and totally forgot about my 1 hour 20 minute connecting flight transfer. Which with the time delay means that I would have only 20 minutes to make a transfer.........yah right!!! But maybe they would make up time in air.

I stood in line at the transfer inquiry counter and found out that I WOULD NOT MAKE MY TRANSFER. I was seriously upset especially since they told me that there is ONLY 1 FLIGHT TO MY CITY A DAY. Therefore, I would have to sleep in a hotel in Vancouver. Now how the hell was I supposed to make my SURPRISE PARTY if I would be a whole day late?!?!?!

I cried, I balled!!!!!!!!!

It gets worse............

I got stuck in the airport because of some mechanical engine problem.......nice!!!! I wasn't looking forward to sleeping in Vancouver so I asked to change my flight for the same time the next day so I could sleep in Korea for one more night. They had a flight out the next day and said they would change the ticket once they found my luggage.

So after about an hour of waiting there stood my luggage in the secure area out of my reach. I was getting excited and I called Sung Hyun telling him that he would probably have to make the trip back to the airport to pick me up. However they wouldn't let me take my luggage out myself and there were no extra staff to escort me out of the secured area. That means I had to wait for them to load everyone on the plane before they could do it. Only problem was they had no clue when the flight would take off or if it even would.

Three hours later they made the announcement that the flight was leaving. Now after waiting all this time in the airport and calling Sung Hyun he convinced me that I should go on the flight and just suck it up and sleep in Vancouver.

So I did it. I've flown before. Made lots of flights back and forth to Korea. But in all my years of flying I wasn't prepared for this flight. The turbulence was so bad that for 3 minute I truly thought my life was over. Normally when turbulence occurs the captain makes an announcement letting everyone know that we are passing through a rough spot and that we should stay seated with our belts on. This time he addressed only the staff and asked them to take their seats and secure themselves. And for 3 full minutes I was sweating, heart pounding, on the verge of tears thinking that this was it. My tray was clattering and the man beside me told me that he was getting dizzy. I had my credit card ready to call to say goodbye.

We were dropping in the air, you know that free fall feeling on an amusement ride, and then the captain would regain control of the plane again. The passengers were gasping, some screaming, including me, and I kept thinking that this was the feeling that my student felt before he crashed and died on a flight in Cambodia this past summer. Then I thought about Sung Hyun and how he convinced me to take this flight and that he would never forgive himself if something did happen.

It was the longest 3 minutes of my life. And I was tense for the rest of the flight. No one was allowed to stand up or go to the bathroom for the rest of the flight.

I arrived in Vancouver with my two feet on the ground and I was no longer upset that I missed my connecting flight I was just happy to arrive safe. While waiting in line to pass through immigration I chatted with a few other passengers and we exchanged our stories about the flight. I was definitely not the only one who thought we weren't going to make it.

While in Vancouver I was lucky enough to get a flight to Calgary (closer to my home) but then I was on stand-by from Calgary to Regina (my city). The flight to Calgary was okay and I was so lucky to get seated on the stand-by flight.

Needless to say I arrived in Regina at 1 a.m. (instead of 4 p.m. as scheduled). My mom's friend was ready and waiting at the airport and I was happy to be home. I decided that I should stay at my friends for the night instead of banging down my parents door so late at night (early in the morning).

So we headed to Walmart where I was in awe of the wide aisles and lack of people. It was great and so was my sleep and so was my big reveal the next day, but that story will have to be saved for another post.


Beloved said...

Oh my goodness. That turbulence sounds awful. I've flown a lot and experienced some shaky stuff, but never anyone screaming. Yikes!

Glad it all worked out alright. Hope you're having fun!

Annie-Me said...

I'm glad you made it home safe. I'm glad that everything worked out well. Thanks again for getting my "shit" home. Take Care!

Sandra said...

Wow. Sounds scary. Glad to hear you all made it :)

Amanda said...

So glad you got home safe!

Anonymous said...

u make me cry
bc i miss u and my heart want c u....i love u so much
u a sweetheart

Anonymous said...

Which airline was it? I am not going on that airline!

Why am I here??? said...

AIRCANADA.......they suck!!!!

sunny said...

Oh honey! What a heart-stopper. Reads like a thriller.