Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jeju continued

Hold on BELOVED we have only finished our first day on Jeju. Since we only had 2 days to explore this beautiful island we were on the go at the crack of dawn.
Day 2
First thing in the morning we headed out to the water to await our submarine ride.
I thought it was pretty cool to see all the corals and different sea creatures. However my stomach didn't agree with being under water in a confined space. Definately didn't like the submarine ride (worst part of the vacation).

If looking at the fish wasn't good enough Sung Hyun decided that he needed to eat.....fish (he probably got hungry from the submarine ride). And since I'm not a fan of fish I didn't think spending $50 on a platter of fresh fish was a good deal
Drove for a bit and watched a great performance by Chinese acrobats -- so cool!!!

Sung Hyun sure looks happy.........

Then the outdoor stone museum. Have to say I was pretty tired at this point so I was happy to speed through the museum so I could sleep in the car on the way back to the airport.

A beautiful place and an action packed few days.


Beloved said...

Good god! How in the world did you squeeze all this stuff into TWO days?!? I'm beginning to realize just what lazy travelers my hubby and I are. I mean, I know we are lazy, but I think it's even worse than I thought. :P

Brenner Family said...

I love learning about this culture from your blog very interesting! I am almost ready to leave th husband and kid behind and come check it out...stop making me so jealous!! haha missin ya, ;) Lori