Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas in Corea

I LOVE CHRISTMAS. The gathering of friends, family and lovers, the loads of food, the christmas carols and decorations. The smell of cold crisp air, the snowflakes falling on your face, playing in the snow, making snow angels then warming up by the fire with hot chocotlate. I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!

And if I can't be at home for Christmas this year then I damn sure am creating that feeling here.

So decorations here we come --

Sung Hyun didn't quite understand the hype of decorating my apt. But that didn't stop me from blaring my Chirstmas tunes and goin' at 'er

Stockings for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve for Sung Hyun and me (do you recognize that one Kenda?) My good friend made me a stocking last year and that's her work of art on the right. It's all made by cross-stitch..........she's way more artistic than me (and perhaps she has more patience)

So with my apartment all decorated and gifts under the tree, next thing in store was a PARTEE!

........with my favorite class of three, Joy, Fred, Daniel and of course ME

They were so excited to finally meet Sung Hyun after I had been talking about him all year. They all left with smiles on their faces..................MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!


Beloved said...

That's so sweet that you had your students over. I bet they had a blast.

I remember when I was first in Korea and I made Sung-gu decorate a tree with me. He was all into it since it was the first time and all. He was really curious about the process. I baked cookies in star and moon shapes to decorate it with. Anyway, that was the last time I ever decorated for Christmas. He was never into it again and I just didn't feel like the hassle for just myself. I think the real truth is that I am just too lazy to decorate. I never even liked doing it when I was growing up; my sister usually did it all.

Your tree looks fabulous!

Rebeca said...

this is very different than the US...
teachers would neva be allowed to have their students over, it would be weird...

is that true in Canada?