Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Day 07

It was great to be home for Christmas, even though there were no presents under the tree ;( Well it serves me right for surprising my parents 2 days before Christmas.......... Anyways, it was great just to sit around and hang with the fam.

This is my mom's new tree. It's so massive that there is no room for an angel on top......hehe

So she had to display it by the window

At least Santa filled my stocking........with a mad wad of cash

But my mom did way better than me, she must have been good

Once again my dad adds to his already HUGE collection of LEGO. He just made the age requirements on this one (ages 3+)

And let's not forget the pancakes and bacon..............yummy. Here's my brother ready to chow down; no time the stop and smile for the camera

After breakfast we had a whole afternoon of lounging around in our pj's. Then we had to fill our bellies with turkey dinner. It's become tradition that my friend Kenda comes over for Christmas dinner, so here we are ready to EAT......

........................ our with mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies, stuffing, cabbage rolls, salad and of course turkey

Oh yah, and those silly little cracker hats have become a Christmas tradition too ;)

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Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Ahhh... mashed potatoes and ALL the fixin's.... delicious!!!!
Glad to see that you made it home... eventually. Reading your little horror story about your flight home wasn't so cool. Sorry to hear that you had a scare. I can't say I've experienced the same but I'm sure it must have scared the socks off ya.
Enjoy your vacation Jenn and eat up on all that Western food. Did you mention cabbage rolls?!!