Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our honeymoon

Sung Hyun and I took our HONEYMOON trip to Jeju island. Why was it our honeymoon trip? Well it's the hot spot for newly married Korean couples. Since it is still part of Korea, all you gotta do is pack your bag hop on a plane and you're there in an hour.

Yay, so nothing exciting. We're not planning on getting married YET ;) but Sung Hyun suggested that this was our PRE-HONEYMOON vacation......hummmm what's he planning?

Our first stop the famous teady bear museum!!!

The Mona Lisa

The Beatles

Louis that even how you spell it? Clearly, as you can tell, I'm not into designer bags. And I certainly wasn't into buying this bear from over $2000

Pig roast

Oh I love my pizza -- even if it isn't real

Stay tunned for more.................


Amanda said...

Did you go to the sex museum? That's where I wanna go.

Why am I here??? said...

Yup I went there -- those pics will come on my 3rd post of Jeju fun