Thursday, November 08, 2007


Seriously, you would think he was three. He's got a cold, you know the sniffles, coughing and congested head. Well in his little world, it's the end of the world. He's huffing and puffing, like a big baby.


Chels said...

LOL my boy friend is the same if not worse. Maybe it's a korean boy thing hehehe. You should feed him jam bong (spicy seafood soup with noodles) that'll get rid of the sniffles and congestion. :-)

Anonymous said...

If I were there I would make him a nice steaming bowl of homemade chicken soup. The cure-all for everything that ails you. Hope he gets better soon.
Momma Bear

Annie-Me said...

haha......don't worry never goes away. My dad is the same way....its like the whole world has to revolve around him..sound familiar....I'm kinda glad I haven't seen Hodge sick, but if he's anything like me....he would be a pain in the ass:)

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Ahhh... so cute. Tell him that if it makes him feel any better, Mi Nam's got a bit of a cold, it's true... hehehe. They can both be big babies together.
Honestly though, he looks so cute all flopped out on the bed.
... nice bed spread... hehehe

Beloved said...

Oh gosh, my husband is the same way. Thank goodness he is rarely (more like never--knock on wood)sick.

humbleman said...

Let him try a few cups of lemon tea each day. It may not work for everybody, but I know it does for many people, although I'm not sure if lemons are easily available in Korea.

Why am I here??? said...


I haven't heard of Jam Bong probably b/c I'm not a big fan of seafood. So he'll have to the restaurant to eat that.

Hey mom,

Yah I know you would take care of him. I always loved the chicken noodle soup and the sick days at home


Well I guess if you are being just as big of a baby then it's okay if Hodge is one too. Afterall he's one big teddy bear


Make sure you look after your little Min Nam. That little porker is so cute. Bedspreads from Thailand -- 20 bucks on the beach.....score


I think we share a lot in common with our Korean cuties. So what do you feed your husband when he gets sick?


Yup I've got lemons in my fridge right now. Easy to find and cheap to buy.........i'll keep it in mind for next time!!!