Sunday, November 11, 2007

Meeting Sung Hyun's dad

A couple of months back Sung Hyun suggested that we take a drive to see his father's tomb. I agreed since I have never really been to a grave yard in Korea and I felt honoured that he wanted me to go there with him. We drove for over an hour up and down alley ways and finally we reached the sea of hills.

I would have to say that it was kind of bizzare to see all the hills of grass. In Korea you are burried above ground, as appose to underground.

Do you see that little stone table in front. Well everytime him and his mom go to the grave they bring food as an offering. When I went there with him he lit up a smoke for himself and one for his dad, placing it on the stone table.

Very neat!!!!


Beloved said...

I remember when my husband (then-boyfriend) first took me to his father's grave. It was so moving for me to watch him pour a cup of soju for his dad, that I was tearing up.

Empireofrain said...

aww thats cute...but its too bad he doesnt seem like he does it very often

humbleman said...

I think the body itself gets buried under the ground. I think the round top is there as a mark, because many graves have no other sign such as a stone at all.