Saturday, November 10, 2007

Last Canada post

So over my summer vacation I traveled to Canada with Sung Hyun, yes I know that was like 4 months ago, but I still haven't finished documenting the trip. So this is the last of it -- I promise!!!

Nothing too exciting, just some pictures of the LONG flight home.

Sung Hyun arrives in Vancouver and he's so excited to eat Korean food; he was missing that Kimchi after only a week of Western food.

As you can tell he's not too impressed with the Canadian version of Korean food.

But he's still happy to begin the journey back HOME.

Our first stop, JAPAN. We had a 3 hour lay over in Vancouver and a 2 hour layover in Japan. The total journey back to Korea was over 24 hours ;( So you can imagine how tired we were and how silly we became

Japanese fashion

Only 2 hours left, we're almost there.

This is when Sung Hyun starts to become a little crazy.


On the last lag of the flight Sung Hyun decided to do some DJing (or whatever you call it). He found some rap music on the radio but just as he was about to put on the ear phones the Captain come over the loud speaker to make an announcement.

Sung Hyun's first impression of Canada -- 'I love Canada, I like/ love your family'.........listen carefully!!!!

......and keep in mind it's been a long long day

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Empireofrain said...

haha you guys are so cute
its not funny to just you!
its nice to hear his voice after all these posts
it seems so much more real
i recommmend mroe videos ><
-bman, returning from dissappearing