Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Korean Men

Proof that Western women do like Korean men.

Amanda, Kisu, Sung Hyun and I met up in Apgujung for a Western breaky. Looks like we have 'couple friends' considering we have never met individually. And a cool couple they are!!!

Sunday night I was complaining that Sung Hyun wasn't romantic. So guess what happens on Monday? Well after my workout at the gym I called him to see where he was because usually he meets me at the gym after work. He told me he was working late (fair enough, considering he usually does this once a week). Anyways when I told him that I was finished my workout and was heading home he said 'NO YOU NEED A MORE EXERCISE!!!!, I'LL CALL YOU WHEN YOU CAN COME HOME'

hmmmm I knew something was up. Candles, flowers and a bucket of icecream is what I walked into when I got home in my sweaty gym clothes.

'SEE I'M ROMANTIC' Sung Hyun says!!!!


Amanda said...

Last night I told Good Man that he had to tell me something really romantic because he used to do it all the time but doesn't anymore.

He came up with something good and I told him he's off the hook for a month.

(BTW, it is nice to have "couple friends." It's so rare for all four people to actually get along!)

Anonymous said...

Sung Hyun's so sweet! He sounds like a real keeper.
BTW, 'love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Aw, that's cute!