Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jokes on me...

Today Sung Hyun showed up at my door with orange juice, a big bottle of water and some soup.


Then he did my laundry and straightened up my place, while I watched a movie.

And what do I do for him when he's sick?

Laugh and take a picture of him and post it on my blog!!!!

Hmmmmmm, I'm a lucky gal!!!!



Good Man said...

:) Remember that there is another keeper in Korea. I feel happy when I can do sth for my lover. Hope SH could get over his cold soon.

Sunny sunny SUNNY said...

Hope you are better soon.

The Blue Butterfly said...

Hi there Jenn!

You asked me if there were any starter books for a non-reader, so here's my response. :o)

The Pilot's Wife is a really terrific book. It's not too long, completely engaging and makes you want to read more once you're done, so it would be a perfect book to start with. You can get it at 'What The Book' in Itaewon (they have a website too, but I can't remember the address) or almost any other place that sells English books.

Personally, I love Amy Tan books, but she's not for everyone. I really enjoyed Kitchen God's Wife and Bonesetter's Daughter (two of her books).

Also, The Red Tent by Anita Diamant is a great book for non-readers. But I would definitely start with The Pilot's Wife. I guarantee, you won't be able to put it down and you'll be talking about it to friends for days! It's that good!

Susan :o)