Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our honeymoon

Sung Hyun and I took our HONEYMOON trip to Jeju island. Why was it our honeymoon trip? Well it's the hot spot for newly married Korean couples. Since it is still part of Korea, all you gotta do is pack your bag hop on a plane and you're there in an hour.

Yay, so nothing exciting. We're not planning on getting married YET ;) but Sung Hyun suggested that this was our PRE-HONEYMOON vacation......hummmm what's he planning?

Our first stop the famous teady bear museum!!!

The Mona Lisa

The Beatles

Louis that even how you spell it? Clearly, as you can tell, I'm not into designer bags. And I certainly wasn't into buying this bear from over $2000

Pig roast

Oh I love my pizza -- even if it isn't real

Stay tunned for more.................

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jokes on me...

Today Sung Hyun showed up at my door with orange juice, a big bottle of water and some soup.


Then he did my laundry and straightened up my place, while I watched a movie.

And what do I do for him when he's sick?

Laugh and take a picture of him and post it on my blog!!!!

Hmmmmmm, I'm a lucky gal!!!!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Meeting Sung Hyun's dad

A couple of months back Sung Hyun suggested that we take a drive to see his father's tomb. I agreed since I have never really been to a grave yard in Korea and I felt honoured that he wanted me to go there with him. We drove for over an hour up and down alley ways and finally we reached the sea of hills.

I would have to say that it was kind of bizzare to see all the hills of grass. In Korea you are burried above ground, as appose to underground.

Do you see that little stone table in front. Well everytime him and his mom go to the grave they bring food as an offering. When I went there with him he lit up a smoke for himself and one for his dad, placing it on the stone table.

Very neat!!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Last Canada post

So over my summer vacation I traveled to Canada with Sung Hyun, yes I know that was like 4 months ago, but I still haven't finished documenting the trip. So this is the last of it -- I promise!!!

Nothing too exciting, just some pictures of the LONG flight home.

Sung Hyun arrives in Vancouver and he's so excited to eat Korean food; he was missing that Kimchi after only a week of Western food.

As you can tell he's not too impressed with the Canadian version of Korean food.

But he's still happy to begin the journey back HOME.

Our first stop, JAPAN. We had a 3 hour lay over in Vancouver and a 2 hour layover in Japan. The total journey back to Korea was over 24 hours ;( So you can imagine how tired we were and how silly we became

Japanese fashion

Only 2 hours left, we're almost there.

This is when Sung Hyun starts to become a little crazy.


On the last lag of the flight Sung Hyun decided to do some DJing (or whatever you call it). He found some rap music on the radio but just as he was about to put on the ear phones the Captain come over the loud speaker to make an announcement.

Sung Hyun's first impression of Canada -- 'I love Canada, I like/ love your family'.........listen carefully!!!!

......and keep in mind it's been a long long day

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Seriously, you would think he was three. He's got a cold, you know the sniffles, coughing and congested head. Well in his little world, it's the end of the world. He's huffing and puffing, like a big baby.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Korean Men

Proof that Western women do like Korean men.

Amanda, Kisu, Sung Hyun and I met up in Apgujung for a Western breaky. Looks like we have 'couple friends' considering we have never met individually. And a cool couple they are!!!

Sunday night I was complaining that Sung Hyun wasn't romantic. So guess what happens on Monday? Well after my workout at the gym I called him to see where he was because usually he meets me at the gym after work. He told me he was working late (fair enough, considering he usually does this once a week). Anyways when I told him that I was finished my workout and was heading home he said 'NO YOU NEED A MORE EXERCISE!!!!, I'LL CALL YOU WHEN YOU CAN COME HOME'

hmmmm I knew something was up. Candles, flowers and a bucket of icecream is what I walked into when I got home in my sweaty gym clothes.

'SEE I'M ROMANTIC' Sung Hyun says!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Mustache Party

Anne-Marie hosted a party at her house. Although it was no ordinary party. If you wanted to get in you had to come equipt with a mustache. Sung Hyun had been trying to grow one for over a week but wasn't successful ;)

Yummy food!!!!