Monday, October 29, 2007



I like teaching these group of three boys. They are all nice individually but put them together and they will entertain themselves for hours. Usually our class consists of a lot of giggles. They are super smart (actually way more advanced than Sung Hyun) and they're only 9 years old.

Once of my students mom's ordered pizza for the class. I LOVE Dominoes pizza (trust me it's not the same as in Canada -- which I find to be revolting). But I certainly wasn't expecting this:

Ummm let's see what doesn't belong.....

  1. green sauce (wouldn't surprise me if it was green tea)

  2. mayonnaise

  3. corn

  4. potatoe chunks

  5. sweet potatoe spread around the crust

  6. cherry tomatoes

  7. and let's not forget the pickles

Anyways, I was still thankful and ate one piece, but I certainly didn't go back for seconds. That's Korean pizza for you!!!!

Fred sure is loving it!!!!

Oh there's that sweet pickle!!!!


BBQ Roof top party

Our school was nice enough to throw us an end of summer bash with a party on the rooftop of our school (a.k.a. the parking lot).

Free food, drinks and good times.........

My special KOREAN DADDY (he sure has taken me under his wing. He's constantly asking me about my BF and he says I need to get him approved)

And a special guest appearance by KIM JONG IL himself.

Doesn't the resemblance frighten you?


Chels said...

Hey Jen,
How's it going? That pizza looked nasty, there were even pickles on it. I definitely won't order pizza when I go to Korea. I'll stick to the galbi and bulgogi. How's being back at the gym? Are you sticking to it?

Beloved said...

I love Dominoes pizza in Korea, too. It came somewhere around the 4th year I was there (so maybe 2000). Excited doesn't even begin to describe how we weigook sarams felt when D rolled into town. Possibly even more excited than when McDonald's came along, but not quite as excited as we were for the debut of Subways--lol.
When Dominoes came, it had been at least 4 years since I'd had pizza in the U.S. and I expected Dominoes to be the same as it was in Korea when I moved back here. Not even close. I was disgusted with it and as crazy as it may sound, I still haven't found any pizza here that rivals what I ate in Korea. That is insane to say! Especially considering pizza in Korea often comes with corn on it. Korean Dominoes' cheddar cheese & bacon pizza--YUMMY!

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Yo Jenn,
Hehehe... that's hilarious, although, I'm sure Kim Jung Il's twin isn't finding it too funny. None the less, very funny.
As for the Korean pizza, it definitely makes Canad's Pizza-Pizza look plain and over rated. I refuse to eat a pizza WITHOUT sweet potato on it now... hehehe. Mind ya, now days I'm not eating much beyond my eggs, chicken and veggies... ahh... I miss my delicious food!!!

Anonymous said...

That pizza looked revolting! Green stuff oozing everywhere...dripping with warm mayonnaise. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

hey,, It is really intereting reading your blog as Korean who lives in Canada. It is 2am now and I'm so hooked up with everything you have to say about your life in between canada and Korea.
By the way, I think that greeny on pizza is Guacamoli sort of thing you know avocado.. I like the unique toppings on Korean pizza but I know what is really nice about simple pizzas I eat in Canada. as a matter of fact I think pizza is one thing I would miss about Canada when I go back home