Thursday, October 04, 2007


Are you sick of hearing about me and Sung Hyun all the time? Well then here's a Sung Hyun free post.........keke.

So this is where I spend a large part of my day. In the classroom with my kids, who are always a handful.

This is my kindy class (only 5 students) which I have for most of the day. But they are full of energy and it took me awhile to finally get them in a photo together.

This was my best shot!!!

Show and tell day, or something of that sort. I can never find glasses to fit me so this comes as no surprise.........right mom?

Jennifer Teacher

I love this picture because Anthony is trying to escape from the girls

But the reason why I decided to whip out my camera this day was to get a shot of his little shirt vest, which is adorable for someone his age -- especially with the stylish hair.

Here we are together. And there you have it!!!!!


Beloved said...

Those kids are adorable, but 20 minutes with them and I'd be exhausted. They are very young; do you have a Korean teacher helping out?

Sandra said...

Wait, I only count 4 kids, where is the 5th one, or are you counting yourself? ;)

Why am I here??? said...

keke, the other boy was absent. But yah I'm a big kid too.

Mel said...

Jen, it is so good to see those kids again! I miss them so much when I see them. Sarah was always my favorite! When they first started at LCI she was so eager to please me (so was Anthony, I'm sure thats not a shock)she was always helping out with everything!