Tuesday, October 09, 2007


So today I finally peeled my butt of my couch and I joined the gym. I love working out but I fell out of my routine over 6 months ago and haven't gotten back into it. Let's just say 6 months of NO EXERCISE = and really large number on the scale. I'm 10 KG more than my boyfriend (let me see if I do the math correctly that's like 24ish pounds right?) YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! You know you've got a problem when your fat jeans are getting tight....keke

Needless to say they welcomed me with open arms at the gym and were happy to see me back. And they certainly weren't shy to say that I looked a lot chubbier than before. They were speaking in Korea and at first I didn't quite understand, but after they repeated and gestured towards my chubby face (you know moving your hands outwards from the cheeks and filling them up with air). Yah, after the visual I certainly did understand exactly what they ment. To which I replied (in Korean) 'yes, I know I'm chubby so that's why I'm exercising'.

I get quite the attention since I'm the white girl curling as much weight as the men. But for now I better hit the cardio machines.

And I'm glad to be back too. This place is filled with great memories. Afterall it's where I first met Sung Hyun.

Day one of the gym was great. It totally kicked my butt, but I'm ready for more!!!!

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Sandra said...

Haha. Koreans are so not afraid to tell you they think you are fat. My mom does it to me all the time.