Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dinner and early morning pancakes!!!

I introduced Sung Hyun to my WILD friend Sarah who is always so full of energy and spark. And WOW what a shock that was for him, since I'm sure he is used to seeing CONSERVATE Korean girls acting on their best behaviour infront of parents.

To make matters worse (or better however you look at it), my brother brought his friend over too (not to be mistaken for Sarah). Now this girl is a completely different story. First off she doesn't dress like a girl and Sung Hyun didn't believe me when we told him that yes it was infact a female under all those baggy clothes. Sung Hyun couldn't believe the rude manners this girl had (and honestly speaking neither could I), and I'm Western. In fact when she was taking this picture she knocked over my moms potting plant and broke the pot -- dirt splattering everywhere. Sung Hyun actually got to the point where he was uncomfortable so he kept asking me when she was going to leave. Maybe at one point he even said 'please go home'.

Here's a picture with Sarah -- don't worry her energy is completely positive and contagious. I love her because she can make anyone laugh. What a great gal to have around and an even better friend.

In the first picture we are doing the peace sign SARAH style, but in this picture we are doing it KOREAN style ;)

Sung Hyun and my wonderful mom

Sung Hyun and my wonderful dad.

Okay wait a minute there's a story to go with all these pics. My dad has been volunteering for as long as I can remember (ahhh what a great dad, I know). Anyways, my mom was sure to wake us up before the birds for early moring pancakes. We weren't too happy to get up so early but we were glad to be fed. Unfortunately my dad set his alarm 1 hour earlier then he should have, so he was up and ready at 4 am. By the time we got there at 8 he already worked a half a day.

Thanks for the wonderful memories!!!!


Lindsay said...

Thanks for the comment, yeah life isn't going my way right now, and I figured the pic should come down for a while cause I'm not sure how blogging will be precieved in my new town. Love the blog and have enjoyed reading all the posts. Keep it up

Sandra said...

Your mom looks so cute in that picture. :)