Sunday, October 21, 2007


Okay so I'm a little/ a lot behind on my posts. I have written out all of the things that I need to update and my list totals 12 (or more) posts so I guess I better get on it.

Firstly, I just wanna say thanks for all the comments. It's nice to get some feedback. I see that I get a lot more responses if I put up butt scratching photos.......hmmm maybe I should be posting more of that.

Moving on.....

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet a fellow blogger in Korea. Her name is Amanda, she's a teacher here, and we have a lot in common -- WE BOTH HAVE KOREAN BOYFRIENDS!!!

We had been exchanging emails the last month and then we decided that we should meet. We skipped the SOLO meeting and decided to drag along the boyfriends.

Our plans were to head to dinner and then see what happened from there. We started with dinner which lead to ice cream which lead to bowling which lead to watching a movie. It's safe to say we clicked pretty well.

The highlight of the night had to be when I won the bowling game. Okay it's true I won but that wasn't the highlight. Amanda's boyfriend GOODMAN didn't know what size his feet were so instead of telling the bowling alley man what size he needed in Korean (like we all did) he just took off his shoe and handed it to him as if the bowling alley guy was to guestimate what size he should be wearing -- so funny.

Sung Hyun and I both had a fantastic night. It's great to meet a couple like us. Usually I either meet his friends who don't speak English or my friends who don't speak Korean. Good Man and Amanda are great fun and I can't wait to meet them again.

So that's what we did.....................

The next weekend we both happened to be in the same part of Seoul eating the same Indian food, just at a different restaurant.

We met up with each other after dinner and I kinda invited myself to her house again (sorry Amanda) to play a board game that I bought the night before. The night was violent with Amanda cutting up Sung Hyun with her nails as she furiously tried to hit the buzzer before him.

Here's the proof

It looks like Good Man hit the buzzer first, but Sung Hyun had super fast reflexes so he already hit the buzzer when I took this pic

Sung Hyun celebrates his victory with a laugh!!!!

Some how our conversation, in my attempt to explain to Sung Hyun what 'being wipped by a woman' meant, evolved to S & M.

The night was full of laughs and ice cream again

hmmmmm what shall we do with them next time?

*** All pics are from Amanda's camera. THANKS AMANDA!!!!


Amanda said...

Next time I will Photoshop Gym Guy's sweatshirt so he's not wearing the same thing. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Really wish you could do paintball Saturday. :(

And it's a good thing Good Man and I aren't competitive. Damn, you two sure are...

Good Man said...

It was really nice to meet you guys together. I hope we 4 all together could be closer and closer as time goes by.

I am really poor at every single gaming :)

Why am I here??? said...

Have fun at paintball Amanda.....

Yes I agree Good Man!!! The game was so funny........YOU BETTER GET PRACTICING FOR THE NEXT TIME.....keke

See you both soon

Beloved said...

Great to meet another multiculti couple. I would have loved that when I lived in Korea. I didn't even know of any other such couple that existed at the time. Gotta love technology (as if I didn't for so many reasons already)!