Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thumbs up, make that two thumbs up

Well he definately scored points in my books, Sung Hyun that is. I called him this afternoon from work to ask if he wanted to eat dinner together -- he's got today off b/c of the holiday. He sounded rather mysterious on the phone and told me he was at my house, but when I asked him what he was doing he just kept saying 'I don't know' 'I don't know' from previous experience this means that he's up to something.

Anways, at dinner he finally confessed what he was doing. First he said 'I'm sorry, tonight I wash your wear (meaning clothes) and some wear is broken' (meaning it changed colour). So in other words when he washed my clothes he mixed the red with the white. Upon arriving at home this fact was confirmed.

But nonetheless he gets points in my books for doing 2 loads of laundry and a good bathroom scrub down (without being asked).

And this is how he spent his day off. Surprise cleaning my house..............and what a surprise it was.



Bob said...

I always use the "wash the red clothes with the whites" when the wife thinks that I should help out by doing the laundry. One load convinces her that I should be no where near the washing machine. I think your man has that one down pat.

Chels said...

Sounds nice Jen. I wish my BF would do the laundry, especially now that we live together. Did you do anything special for chusok?

Why am I here??? said...

keke, good one bob!!! I better watch out for that one (if this seems to be a repeat occurence then I'll know why)

Hey Chels, I met the family for Chusoek and we sat around chatting and playing 'go stop'......nothing to special..........oh yah and Sung Hyun and I went on vacation together to an Island. It was nice to get away again. So when did you make the big move to Calgary? And how's living with the fam?

Empireofrain said...

haha so cute
hes more nice then he looks!
i HATE laundrey,i must say ><

Chels said...

Hey Jen,

I moved to Calgary last weekend, because I got offered a really great job here. It is definitely different, so big, so much traffic! (Although I know it's nothing compared to Seoul) Living with the family is interesting, it is Korean language most of the time so I am glad that I have studied so much. His mom is cute, she keeps wanting to take care of me, and packing me lunches. I can't really complain though, today I got bap and kimchi jiggae for lunch so it's pretty nice.