Sunday, September 02, 2007


As of today I've snapped out of my FUNK. I am finally starting to feel better and not worry so much about my future. Hopefully this will put less stress on my relationship!!!

So thanks for the encouraging comments everyone. And thanks for being there mom.

I had an amazing talk with Sung Hyun (after Amanda gave me some encouragement). This guy continues to amaze me. He sits and listens to what I have to say and somehow in his limited English he communicates what he thinks and how he feels.

All of his family gave him permission on carry on a life with me. Even his mom told him that it was okay if he chose to go to Canada (she only wants the best for him). And he's the only one who is hesitant about that. Being the only son he feels it's his responsibility to look after his mom. And you know what I can't diss him for that. He's a great man with a great heart!!!!!

Anyways, he is willing to compromise with me since I have made a huge compromise to be here with him. I see him trying so hard to make this relationship work. It makes me happy.

I won't go into the details about what went down, but I will say that I am still following my heart. Where it will lead me.....................who knows????


Amanda said...

Good good. Or, 좋아 좋아.

Don't know how saying a talk lead to a broken engagement was encouraging, but glad it was! ;)

(BTW, when I mentioned my abusive ex and following the gut, I didn't mean to imply that YOU were in such a relationship. When I was in Vietnam, I was doing lots of "gut checks" of my current relationship and thinking about how if I'd listened to PAST gut checks, my life might have been a bit better. That's all I meant.)

Why am I here??? said...

LOL........hehe!!! Yah I know you didn't mean that my relationship was abusive. So don't worry I wasn't offended.

But b/c of what you said about me having the right to talk (because after all I am in this relationship too) I felt like yah I'm going to telling him how I feel and what I EXPECT out of this relationship. It's just that I was worried that I would put strain on it and inturn create frustration. BUT I THINK NOT TALKING WAS PUTTING THE STRAIN ON US. Now we know where we stand, what we want and we can continue being happy together by just LIVING IN THE MOMENT!!!!

So how was that trip to Vietnam.......thing good with GOODMAN?

Amanda said...


I just put pictures of Vietnam up on my website. Check out the blog for the link.

Good Man's "status" as he always says has changed, which should be interesting. I'll post about it after I take a shower.

Ha ha! Now you have to check out my blog.


Or maybe not.

But I hope so! ^^

Empireofrain said...

everytime i read on of your posts, the more convinced i am of you being one of the lucky few who have/will fall in love and live happily.

Beloved said...

I'm glad you're less conflicted about your relationship and that you guys had the change to talk things out. Living in the moment is such a wise decision. I really need to start doing it more myself--in all areas of my life. My yoga teacher keeps saying it; now I just need to start listening!

aquabot said...

What do I call it ; Amanda I saw your pics on the site ....I think that its better if you shall better blend them together to give a joint composite look...Then it might look little more fair......

Amanda said...

Does anyone have any idea what Aquabot is trying to say? Or is this just really creative spam.

Aquabot can respond on MY site.