Wednesday, September 26, 2007

One cute little baby

I was at Sung Hyun's sisters house tonight for the Korean holiday Cheusuk (Thanksgiving). Of course we pulled out the old family home videos and I got to see my little cutie in his wee years -- still smiling ear to ear. What an adorable little boy he was (hmmm what happened......hehe).

Anyways, I thought that I would post some baby pics of me that Sung Hyun snapped from my family album when he was in Canada.

Oh and my friend Marie asked me what Sung Hyun thought of Canada. So to answer that -- he really loved it and said the best part was meeting my parents. He definately wants to go back. Just not to sure when.......

Back to work tomorrow after a 5 day weekend. I flew to Jeju Island with Sung Hyun over the break and we had our pre-honeymoon vacation (hehe, more to come -- pictures and stories)

But I'll leave you with this................ONE CUTE LITTLE BABY

Hummm I like to eat, but I guess not much has changed. So what do you think, am I a cutie?


Amanda said...

Yes, you were a doll! I am seething with jealousy, however, because I wanted very desperately to be Rainbow Brite for Halloween when I was 5 but my mom didn't know how to sew. Tragic. Loved your costume, though. :)

Sandra said...

Rainbow Brite!

Sunny sunny SUNNY said...

SO cute!