Friday, September 28, 2007

Gotta love a man who can cook

Here he is, Sung Hyun in all his glory, cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I think he was getting sick of the plethora of Western food.

Bed-head and all........

Don't think my mom was too successful with the chopsticks. And my dad didn't last more than 2 minutes without having to use a fork...........keke

So what did he cook? Ramyen (aka. ichyban noodles), rice, kim (seaweed) and kimchi (pickled cabbage)............YUMMY, but talk about a carb overload!!!!

Slurping noodles Korean style -- gotta love it!!!


Anonymous said...

haha i think your bf likes doing to many "at home wife" sort of things haha

Amanda said...

Good Man can't really cook. You're lucky.

When my parents (meaning Mom and Stepdad, Dad hasn't been here yet) were here they had a heck of a time with the metal chopsticks. I had to keep asking for wooden ones.

And Good Man holds his chopsticks in the worst way I have ever seen! And he's Korean! I hold chopsticks waaaaayyyyy better than he does!