Sunday, September 30, 2007


Korean Chusok is a time when families get together to worship their ancestors. It's a special family holiday and not many foreigners would actually get a change to experience this day. Luckly since I was already introduced to Sung Hyun's family over the other big Korean holiday I was able to attend.

I've always heard about this holiday and how people dread it, since it mostly consists of WOMEN working their butts off in the kitchen. And yup, it was true........the women prepared, cooked, and cleaned, while the men relaxed. Hardly seems fair doesn't it?

Since I'm still a guest I only had little work to do. But I imagine in the future there will be a lot more in store for me.

So this is what I did. I made mandu (sort of like dumplings I guess). Pretty simple, and very tasty!!!

And this is what Sung Hyun's mom looks like. Despite her age, she was working just as hard as everyone else.

It just so happened to be her birthday too -- 69 years old, I believe!!!!

And this is how Koreans eat, on the floor with several different food choices, which of course you dig into with your chopsticks -- no individual plates here!!!!



Chels said...

Hey Jen,

Sounds fun. Did your mandu look nice? Aparently if you can make really pretty mandu it means you will have pretty daughters. This is what my bf's mom says atleast.

Anonymous said...

haha wow, no individual plates
i dont know how i could survive
my entire eating patterns involve takineg all the food and putting it on my plate be4 anyone else

Beloved said...

Ugh. I have to admit, I came to dread Korean holidays. It might have been okay if it were like a day-long affair, but we always had to go for three days and stay two nights. Since there were so many people in the house and no lock on the bathroom door, I never dared to shower and well, you can imagine I was pretty rank by the end of the duration. And yes, I realize that's too much information. ㅋㅋㅋ

Anonymous said...

SH's mom is really quite pretty & not at all what I imagined.
Looks like everything went well as opposed to the last holiday gathering you attended. hehe

Momma Bear