Thursday, September 06, 2007

Canada continued......

Not too sure what pictures should come next since I didn't do a very good job of keeping track of what I did each day. So the remainder of the pictures will just be randomness!!!!

What's a Canadian morning without a Canadian breakfast???

So that's exactly what my mom did. She cooked us up a Western breaky (mostly for Sung Hyun I think). He enjoyed it so much that he kept saying "why is Sandy's cook delicious and Jennifer's cook is not delicious"

But there was one problem. He couldn't have a meal without his kimchi. Can you spot it?

Posing in the back yard with my momma. She's got a tight grip around this guy.

Sung Hyun wanted to wear these shorts out shopping, but I made him change into something that looked a little less pajamaie

My brother sporting the Korean flag on his door. A little glimps of sis everytime he opens his door ;)

A trip to WALMART!!!!!!! Not quite the same as a trip to E-MART in Korea. There are about 10 thousand less people in this aisle alone.

Sung Hyun sporting the Saskatchewan flag

On our list of things to do meeting up with friends was on the top. So we met my friend Wendy at the parliment building for a picnic.

And then some pics

He had way too much fun chasing the birds in the park.

It was an excellent day for pics in front of the legislative building -- well maybe too hot.

Sung Hyun's idea....not mine!!!!! But I have to say that it's a perfectly centered heart. If I get wedding pictures I'm totally doing this...........kekeke WHOAA I LOVE CANADA!!!!!


Anonymous said...

awww you guys are so cute haha!
no matter where i live when im older, ill have to have western breakfasts!
that was an awsome heart, never seen that trick be4
haha the cat picture was priceless
so whats going on as of NOW and less as of THEN?

Beloved said...


Yeah, gotta say--the heart picture was priceless.