Sunday, September 30, 2007

Doctor Fish

Sung Hyun has really been on the ball lately. He is always so good with making plans for us on the weekend -- I love it.

But this weekend was so not what I expected. It started with a nice Western breaky at a co-workers place. Then we headed to 'doctor fish'.

It's located in Sinchon and has a pretty cool view b/c it's on the 7th floor (I think). It's a little cafe and for 8000WON ($8) you get a drink of your choice and a side dish.

I had some tea, opted out of the octopus and got some yummy cake. Sung Hyun went for the fruit drink and bowl of peaches.

The atmosphere was awesome. We were tucked away in a cozy little cubby hole. It was definately a couples place!!!!

After our drinks and snacks we got all washed up and ready for the fish.
That eat the dead skin off your feet

And let me tell you it's definately not very pleasant.

But afterwards, it got somewhat tolerable. That is if you don't mind fish tickling your feet


Korean Chusok is a time when families get together to worship their ancestors. It's a special family holiday and not many foreigners would actually get a change to experience this day. Luckly since I was already introduced to Sung Hyun's family over the other big Korean holiday I was able to attend.

I've always heard about this holiday and how people dread it, since it mostly consists of WOMEN working their butts off in the kitchen. And yup, it was true........the women prepared, cooked, and cleaned, while the men relaxed. Hardly seems fair doesn't it?

Since I'm still a guest I only had little work to do. But I imagine in the future there will be a lot more in store for me.

So this is what I did. I made mandu (sort of like dumplings I guess). Pretty simple, and very tasty!!!

And this is what Sung Hyun's mom looks like. Despite her age, she was working just as hard as everyone else.

It just so happened to be her birthday too -- 69 years old, I believe!!!!

And this is how Koreans eat, on the floor with several different food choices, which of course you dig into with your chopsticks -- no individual plates here!!!!


Friday, September 28, 2007

Hairstyling.....ten dollars!!!

So Sung Hyun didn't understand why my brother wouldn't style his hair. And since Sung Hyun brought 2 jars of wax to Canada he thought he could spare a little for him.

So he went at it, clumping the hair this way and that way.

It looks to me like Greg is just a litte curious as to what will be going in his hair.......

And for the most part he was a willing participant...........

But after about 5 minutes of pulling I think he had enough.....
........and the end result......

.......hummm crusty the clown if you ask me

* I guess Sung Hyun shouldn't become a hair stylist

because 5 minutes after this Greg went to the bathroom and gave himself a brush cut.

Yah, I don't think my brother would cut it in Korea, with all those stylish pretty boys

Gotta love a man who can cook

Here he is, Sung Hyun in all his glory, cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I think he was getting sick of the plethora of Western food.

Bed-head and all........

Don't think my mom was too successful with the chopsticks. And my dad didn't last more than 2 minutes without having to use a fork...........keke

So what did he cook? Ramyen (aka. ichyban noodles), rice, kim (seaweed) and kimchi (pickled cabbage)............YUMMY, but talk about a carb overload!!!!

Slurping noodles Korean style -- gotta love it!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thumbs up, make that two thumbs up

Well he definately scored points in my books, Sung Hyun that is. I called him this afternoon from work to ask if he wanted to eat dinner together -- he's got today off b/c of the holiday. He sounded rather mysterious on the phone and told me he was at my house, but when I asked him what he was doing he just kept saying 'I don't know' 'I don't know' from previous experience this means that he's up to something.

Anways, at dinner he finally confessed what he was doing. First he said 'I'm sorry, tonight I wash your wear (meaning clothes) and some wear is broken' (meaning it changed colour). So in other words when he washed my clothes he mixed the red with the white. Upon arriving at home this fact was confirmed.

But nonetheless he gets points in my books for doing 2 loads of laundry and a good bathroom scrub down (without being asked).

And this is how he spent his day off. Surprise cleaning my house..............and what a surprise it was.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

One cute little baby

I was at Sung Hyun's sisters house tonight for the Korean holiday Cheusuk (Thanksgiving). Of course we pulled out the old family home videos and I got to see my little cutie in his wee years -- still smiling ear to ear. What an adorable little boy he was (hmmm what happened......hehe).

Anyways, I thought that I would post some baby pics of me that Sung Hyun snapped from my family album when he was in Canada.

Oh and my friend Marie asked me what Sung Hyun thought of Canada. So to answer that -- he really loved it and said the best part was meeting my parents. He definately wants to go back. Just not to sure when.......

Back to work tomorrow after a 5 day weekend. I flew to Jeju Island with Sung Hyun over the break and we had our pre-honeymoon vacation (hehe, more to come -- pictures and stories)

But I'll leave you with this................ONE CUTE LITTLE BABY

Hummm I like to eat, but I guess not much has changed. So what do you think, am I a cutie?

Monday, September 24, 2007

oh my goodness

This is how I sleep and it describes me to a T.....................WOW!!!!


So much has happened and I feel I can't blog about it until I've finished with my trip to Canada (which btw, was 2 months ago). So slowly but surely everything will get posted!!!

My dad is obsessed with lego. You can usually find him tucked away in his little playland for hours at a time, only coming up for some coffee and a bathroom break. Is this what retirement is like dad?
At least I caught him fully dressed and presentable (I imagine he is usually wearing a robe)

An American flag? Hmmmmmmm!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Canada continued......

Not too sure what pictures should come next since I didn't do a very good job of keeping track of what I did each day. So the remainder of the pictures will just be randomness!!!!

What's a Canadian morning without a Canadian breakfast???

So that's exactly what my mom did. She cooked us up a Western breaky (mostly for Sung Hyun I think). He enjoyed it so much that he kept saying "why is Sandy's cook delicious and Jennifer's cook is not delicious"

But there was one problem. He couldn't have a meal without his kimchi. Can you spot it?

Posing in the back yard with my momma. She's got a tight grip around this guy.

Sung Hyun wanted to wear these shorts out shopping, but I made him change into something that looked a little less pajamaie

My brother sporting the Korean flag on his door. A little glimps of sis everytime he opens his door ;)

A trip to WALMART!!!!!!! Not quite the same as a trip to E-MART in Korea. There are about 10 thousand less people in this aisle alone.

Sung Hyun sporting the Saskatchewan flag

On our list of things to do meeting up with friends was on the top. So we met my friend Wendy at the parliment building for a picnic.

And then some pics

He had way too much fun chasing the birds in the park.

It was an excellent day for pics in front of the legislative building -- well maybe too hot.

Sung Hyun's idea....not mine!!!!! But I have to say that it's a perfectly centered heart. If I get wedding pictures I'm totally doing this...........kekeke WHOAA I LOVE CANADA!!!!!