Thursday, August 16, 2007

Last day at the beach

Okay I know it's been awhile since I've updated and my pictures to Canada keep siting on my computer tauting me everytime I go on. So here's our super busy last day at the beach with my friend

We wanted to get up early in the moring because we only had a half day at the beach. Here we are getting ready to have some fun.

Some more football for Sung Hyun..........actually he was quite impressed that I knew how to throw a spiral!!!
After about the 10th try I finally captured Sung Hyun in mid air. Don't you think it would have been better if he was wearing his shower cap sized speedo?
Posing in the lake. And no I don't need a lifejacket................or maybe I do because I never have been a good swimmer, even though I was in the NAVY for 5 years.

The big dunk, that I wasn't expecting

WOW. This boat is bigger than my apartement in Korea.............hehe. This is Jen's dad's new boat and we got to go for a spin on the tube behind it.

Here we are getting ready to take off on the super spinning tube.

Sung Hyun is waving in this picture but I'm holding on for my dear life.

Time for a rest................and a swim................then some boat sandwiches..........yummy!!!!

This is the picture just before I dunk him..................sweet revenge!!!!

I almost flipped out a couple of times in this one shot. But I think I actually got flung off about 2 or 3 times total.

Our fun at the beach was over and we had to break camp and head to our next destination. Thanks for inviting us we had a great time

Sung Hyun got bit by so many mosquitoes that he was in so much pain the next 3 days. He made me stop in a small town on the drive home to buy him some extra strength afterbite. It was so funny because he was just saying the night before that Canadian mosquitoes are like Canadian people...............slow and relaxed. I think his exact words were "Canadian mosquitoes say to me, okay kill me please but the Korean mosquitoes say nana nana nana you can't kill me". It was the next day that he woke up with over 20 bites. I told him the mosquitoes could hear you talking bad about them.....hehe

So I didn't tell Sung Hyun where we were going next because I didn't want to freak him out. Actually I had told him several months before our trip to Canada that I would like him to be there with me when we burried my grandpa (who passed away in the winter and could not be burried at that time). Sung Hyun said that he didn't want to come because he said things like that are only for family. I don't really know exactly because I'm not sure what they do when people die in Korea.

Anyways, he kept asking why I was stopping and I told him that we were meeting my family for dinner. Which was true, but that was after the grave site service. Once we got to the grave site he knew exactly what was going on. And he was okay with it. Except he was walking on peoples grave because he didn't know any better. We only stayed for 5 minutes because we had the funeral in winter. He must have thought like what the heck...........people die and you only give them 5 minutes of your time.

Pizza afterwards................looks better than it tastes. Actually I starting to miss my Korean food at this point (okay yes I admit, I wanted a bowl of rice with some kimchi)

Next stop............dessert at my aunts house.

And a quick play with the 3 big dogs (their little babies). Sung Hyun loves big dogs so he was in his glory.

Free kisses!!!!!

Homemade lemony cheesecake thingy.........which was so delicious

And a family picture courteousy of Sung Hyun.
Top (left-right): Sheila (my brothers girlfriend), ME, Sandy (my mom), Tim (my dad), Howard (my uncle -- mom's brother), Heather (my aunt)
Bottom (left-right): Sung Hyun (with the kimchi fingers) and Greg (my brother)

WOW busy day!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics, Jen. You wouldn't catch me on that tube for all the tea in China (or Korea) for that matter. Loved the video. What a wild ride.
I'm ready for more stories of your quick visit to Canada.
Love ya, Talk to you soon.
Momma Bear

Beloved said...

Great pictures! It's hard to believe you were there for as short a time as you were; you did so much!