Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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Anonymous said...

You owe it to your future happiness to look for Mr. Right. You took the girl out of Canada. Can you take Canada out of the girl? Say Sung-hyun is Mr. Right for a while. You marry and have children. You are older, have responsibilities and your marriage disolves. Now what? Never give of yourself more than you are prepared to loose.

Because I love him... Isn't that what battered women always say is the reason why they stay. Before you invest another two years, think! Are you on a path that you want to be on?
Why am I here??? said...
WOW!!!! Yah that's true. But how am I to predict the future and what will happen (marriage dissolving etc...). I mean that doesn't sound very optimistic to me.

Every relationship is definately going to have it's troubles. And I never did buy into that 'Mr. Right' bullcrap. There's no perfect person out there for you. If that was the case then I would have found my PERFECT FRIEND by now. I think we are constantly changing, evolving and growing, we are in a state of flux. My dad says that he has been married to 6 different women.........because that is how many times (that he can count) that their relationship has dramatically shifted (getting married, buying a house, having kids, owning a business together, kids moving out, retiring).

My take on this whole relationship thing is that you do the best you can with the person you have at the present time. The perfectionist in me is always going to fault someone for not being 'mr.right'. So I choose to look at the good things.......afterall I'm certainly not the perfect girlfriend.

Whether I'm on the right or wrong path, the fact is that I'm on a path. I've made a decision and I put my heart on the line (this way they'll be no regrets, no wondering what would have happened). I've made myself vulnerable and I have willingly put myself in this situation. And in doing so, I'm LEARNING because that is what life is all about......




Why am I here??? said...

Hey Chelsey, sorry I missed your comment. I haven't been on my blog for awhile now.......

Studying Korean is challenging. Especially if you are not here where you are able to freely practice. Well that's not entirely true because you can basically get away with NOT speaking a word of Korean when you live in Seoul......sad but true.

So the book I used when I went to Yonsei is one that the university itself published. It's called HANGOOKAH 1, sorry my comp. doesn't have Korean characters. I don't really think the book is that important, just how well you utilize it. Keep on studying!!!!

Brenner Family said...

Hey Jen,
I'm supposed to be doing homework then was thinking about you and I'm happy I checked your blog to respond to your situation.
Decisions are hard in life...No matter where you go your true friends and family will always be with you , stay in contact with you, and be happy for you. Something I live by is life is a journey not a destination, this helped me to let go of the perfectionist side of me, b/c I think we used to be very similar in that manner. Definately talk it out with you bf but do what your heart is telling you, sometimes if we are always caught up in our feelings we would never make decisions..but where ever your life takes you make the best of it and know that friends here or there the true friends will always stay in contact, and besides you think about the people you are missing in canada what about the people you would miss in Korea if you left. Do whichever you feel stongest about. Just remember everything will work out. I had these same feeling 6 1/2 years ago when I left Regina but I knew it wasn't for me and I had more to go for in Calgary. It was hard to leave friends behind and I tried hard to stay in contact with them but it was a one way try and many friendships ended but I still stay strong with a few friends and especially my family. But all the things that have evolved for me out here are so special and to imagine that I would have missed this all I don't know what I would have done. I guess when I look back on it all...those hard decisions that your not sure if they are right or wrong is a major turning point in your life and you will have bumps and road blocks keep givvin' her and you'll get through them. I don't know if this helps but email me if you need to talk I am always here for you girl!! :)

Sunny said...

Hey girl,
Just want you to know that "anonymous" is not me. I might be in a position to share ideas but would prefer to do it via e-mail.

Amanda said...

Jennifer, don't worry about what people too afraid to post their own name even think.

Having said that...I was in an abusive relationship for far too long. Had I listened to my gut, I would've gotten out much earlier. Go with the gut girl.

One thing is your last post did sort of bother me... You said you didn't want to risk ruining things by talking. It's your life, too, and talking shouldn't ruin your relationship.

Of course, it can ruin it though. Some of my friends are convinced that if I hadn't've pushed a talk with my ex-fiance, he wouldn't've ended our engagement. Well, I'm glad he did!

Anonymous said...

HEY JEN! How are you? i got my computer back a little while ago and ive finally caught up with your posts ><
sounds like a ton of fun!
i swear, you and Sung are perfect!
that anonymous guy doesnt know what love is! mr.perfect doesnt exist, and it seems they are more jealous of what you guys have.
so...dont listen to him :P