Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 2 and 3

My good friend Jennifer invited me to go camping with her and her wonderful boyfriend Chris. So I couldn't resist!!!!!

So the second day in Canada was spent running around from store to store gathering goodies to go camping.

My mom was kind enough to rent me a vehicle for a whole week.............THANKS MOM!!!!

So with our bags packed and an open road ahead of us we began to drive.

And drive!!!!!

And drive!!!!!!

I thought that the 3+ hour drive would be good for Sung Hyun considering he is used to being sardined in Korea. But he fell asleep and when he was awake he thought the scenery was boring.

boring, boring, boring.................

UNTIL...............Sung Hyun decided to go to the bathroom in the back of my seat. At first he wanted to pee out the window. He literally rolled it down and attepted to do his business...........yuck I know!!! Anyways, after a failed attept he decided that peeing into a bottle was a better idea. And the worst part is that he was so proud of how full he got the bottle.......... ughhh boys!!!!!

We arrived at the camp ground safe and sound and got settled into the nice air con camper. My friend Jennnifer just bought a new camper and it was so beautiful, but Sung Hyun and I decided to do some REAL sytle camping................tents and all. We spent two nights in the tent. Mind ya, we had a really comfy blow up matress

Sung Hyun getting ready for bed................way before everyone else!!! He was super jet-lagged so his sleeping patterns were all wacked up.

He's certainly not shy to wear PINK!!! In fact, he chose this colour over the blue jacket.

Here's the best shot we have of her super camper.

The next day was full of sun. And as you can see from the picture above, Sung Hyun wore his shorts that I recently bought him (instead of his SPEEDO).

Here he is chillin' with the ladies with a super big grin on his face!!!

Basically this day (my birthday) just consisted of us relaxing in the sand and going for a dip in the pool when we need to cool down.

We headed back to the camper and Jennifer made me a kick-ass birthday dinner -- steak, salad, potatoes, corn, buns the whole works!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!

Then we were quickly off to the garbage dump before sunset so we could watch the bears.

The weather was PERFECT!!!! It's things like this that make me miss life in Canada

And that's all we got was a glimps of baby bear chowing down on some garbage.

This was probably the highlight of Sung Hyun's day!!!! Before we went to Canada, I told Sung Hyun that we would be able to see bears and he kept saying "okay, I will FIGHT the bear, and kill it". BUT when we actually saw it, he rolled up his windows and locked the door!!!!


Chelsey said...


Glad to hear that your trip went well. I can't believe the whole peeing in the bottle thing. You should have told him to do it canadian style: stop and pee on the side of the road.
I love reading your blog, I just never comment.

Beloved said...

Ah--no Sung Hyun in his Speedo? How disappointing! :)

So funny about the bear, especially since he is obviously much more interested in garbage than in Sung-Hyun--hehe.

Why am I here??? said...

Hey 첼시,

Long time near hear. Thanks for the comment. I was wondering if you still read my blog!!!! How are things with you and your man?

Beloved, sorry no speedo pics this time around. He wouldn't even wear his MAN bag because he was worried about what other ppl would think of him.........keke.

Yah I don't think the bear would get too much meat off Sung Hyun. The garbage would be more filling....

justinandaidan said...

His smart about hiding when there is cub, usually momma bear is somewhere close and watching. I am sure he will fight the momma bear to protect you. :)

Chelsey said...

Hey Jen,
My 남자친구 is doing well. Actually if everything goes as planned, I will be moving to Calgary (and in with the family) next month. I will be done my undergrad in December and starting a masters in Calgary in January. I'll probably visit Seoul next summer. 지금은, 한국말을 공부해요? I know I still am, trying to improve it before I meet the relatives in next year. Could you tell me what books you used when you studied at Youn-sae? Anyways, I hope you are still doing well, don't get too hung up on time lines, things will work out in the end.