Friday, August 10, 2007


The bell had run and I was out!!! I dashed quickly to my apartment to find Sung Hyun excitedly awaiting at the bottom of my apartment doors, bags packed and ready to go. We hoped in a taxi and in 5 minute we were ready to jump on the airport bus and begin our journey.

I called my mom to tell her we were on our way. Well not exactly, I thought it would be funnier if I told her that I was unable to make it to Canada. She nearly had a heart attack and didn't think my joke was as funny afterall.

A short 1 hour bus ride later we were at the airport and ready to check in. We stood in line and this couple (Korean woman along with her Canadian husband) started to chat with Sung Hyun. Before long, the woman asked me if my name was JENNIFER. Yup I'm famous (hehe). Well not exactly, but Sung Hyun signed up for this website called COUPLE CANADA and because he's got several pictures of me plastered on his site many people have taken notice -- mostly because I think I'm the ONLY white girl dating a Korea man on the site. Anyways, the woman recognized my face from a picture she had seen of me and she just so happend to remember my name.

We were a little disappointed at the check-in counter when we discovered there were no 2 seats beside each other. So much for getting the window seat..........after some pleading and begging the nice Korean checkout man did some rearranging so we were at least able to sit next to one another.

The wait in the airport seemed very short, probably much shorter for Sung Hyun who was about to leave Korea for his first time. He went to the bathroon 9 times before we got on the airplane, that's how nervous he was.


The ride was pretty smooth. And incredibly fast. I guess that is what happens when you sleep for half of the flight. Also, the time goes by faster when you have company.

We arrived in Vancouver and Sung Hyun started snapping the pictures. We waited for what felt like an hour just to get our luggage and transfer it to the domestic belt. We rushed to our next security gate, only to find that the duty free alcohol I purchased on the plane would have to be tossed out..............How come no one on the plane told me about this when I was about to make the purchase? Ughhhhh, stupid AirCanada!!!!

Regardless of the alcohol loss, the woman took her sweet ass time checking us through security and we barely made our connecting flight. Running and our of breath we boarded the next flight to Regina, Saskatchewan.

Sung Hyun finally got a nice window seat so that he could see what was going on down below. But not too long after he sat down he had to swich seats with me. We had managed to get seated in the emergency exit seats so when the guy went into the spiel about what do in the event that an emergency may occur, Sung Hyun's puzzled look on his face gave way to the fact that he had no clue what the man was saying to him. That was enough for the man to realized that Sung Hyun couldn't speak English.

WELCOME TO ENGLISH LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We had a little surprise for my parents who were anxiously await for us (or maybe anxioulsy awaiting more for Sung Hyun's arrival, as oppose to mine).

COUPLE OUTFIT'S!!!! Yup, the whole works, purple monkey t-shirts with matching green shorts. But Sung Hyun was too embarrased to stay dressed like this for too long and I didn't get time to snap a picture. "This is not Canada style" he said!!!!!

We greeted my mom and dad.............but no friends!!!!! My dad said that I come home too many times that it's not exciting for my friends to pick me up at the airport anymore. And it's true, I do travel a lot but little did I realize my friends were all there.

Next stop, dinner!!!!! Sung Hyun's first Canadian meal. Which he said was TOO BIG!!!!! Yup, the portion sizes in Canada are HUGE. We told Sung Hyun he had to eat everything off his plate...................this was Canada style................keke!!!!

Next stop, ice cream.............DQ icecream................YUMMY!!!!!

Then we got a tour of my mom's house and Sung Hyun was amazed at how BIG my mom's house was. It's not really that BIG to me but for him it's HUGE. He told my mom that it wasn't a house, but a HOTEL............keke. Then my mom said, "Ok, $50 a night!!!!"

The bed was too soft for Sung Hyun because he was used to sleeping on the floor back in Korea. Also, he didn't want to sleep in the same room with me because he thought that would be disrespectful to my parents.....................awwww how cute......NOT!!!

I made him sleep in the soft bed and ensured him that it was okay to sleep in the same room with me. Sung Hyun got a great night sleep because I am sure he was overwhelmed, exhasted and shocked!!!! The first day was great ;)


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Hey Jenn,
Ahh.. no picture of your monkey tees?! Hehehe...
Hey, that's pretty cool that you were noticed at the airport... you're a celebrity girl! You're my celebrity too... remember Seoul subway.. hehehe. Good times.
So... I take it your parents really liked him?! No doubt about it. He's a cutie and definitely a huge sweetheart!
Glad you're back in Korea though... now I can finally meet ya... hehehe.

Beloved said...

Oh my god! Nearly the same exact thing happened to my husband recently with the emergency exit seats. I was kind of irate about our situation though because of the circumstances surrounding the incident and because my husband has lived and spoken nothing but English for five years in the U.S. I'm going to blog about it soon.

Glad to hear the trip went so well. My husband and I stayed in separate rooms for two months(!) when I brought him to the U.S., but that was because my parents are ultra conservative.