Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just a comment........

Anonymous said...

You owe it to your future happiness to look for Mr. Right. You took the girl out of Canada. Can you take Canada out of the girl? Say Sung-hyun is Mr. Right for a while. You marry and have children. You are older, have responsibilities and your marriage disolves. Now what? Never give of yourself more than you are prepared to loose.

Because I love him... Isn't that what battered women always say is the reason why they stay. Before you invest another two years, think! Are you on a path that you want to be on?
Why am I here??? said...
WOW!!!! Yah that's true. But how am I to predict the future and what will happen (marriage dissolving etc...). I mean that doesn't sound very optimistic to me.

Every relationship is definately going to have it's troubles. And I never did buy into that 'Mr. Right' bullcrap. There's no perfect person out there for you. If that was the case then I would have found my PERFECT FRIEND by now. I think we are constantly changing, evolving and growing, we are in a state of flux. My dad says that he has been married to 6 different women.........because that is how many times (that he can count) that their relationship has dramatically shifted (getting married, buying a house, having kids, owning a business together, kids moving out, retiring).

My take on this whole relationship thing is that you do the best you can with the person you have at the present time. The perfectionist in me is always going to fault someone for not being 'mr.right'. So I choose to look at the good things.......afterall I'm certainly not the perfect girlfriend.

Whether I'm on the right or wrong path, the fact is that I'm on a path. I've made a decision and I put my heart on the line (this way they'll be no regrets, no wondering what would have happened). I've made myself vulnerable and I have willingly put myself in this situation. And in doing so, I'm LEARNING because that is what life is all about......



Thursday, August 16, 2007


I'm lost.......there's no other way to put it!!!

I'm having a hard time blogging about my recent trip to Canada.

I am in a hard spot right now. Stuck in the middle per say.

It's hard to live a double life. I don't want to spend the next x number of years in Korea away from my friends and family who are getting older. I'm not around for weddings, parties or social gathering. I'm not creating memories at home that will last forever...........I'm no longer in the loop.

I am starting to think my recent trip to Canada was a bad idea. It was too perfect. I had eveything -- a plethora of friends, family and my loving boyfriend. I felt there was nothing to come back to Korea for.

It's hard being where I am right now. Having to decide between a wonderful life in Canada or a wonderful boyfriend in Korea. And one day one of us will have to make a HUGE decision that will impact our lives. I'm not sure I'm ready to sacrifice. I want it both, but I'm not sure if I will ever have it.

So I had the talk with Sung Hyun.................

................he asked me to wait 2 years.......................not two sure what I'm waiting for or what exactly will happen in 2 years..............I guess the rest of the converstation will just have to wait.

There's so much I want to say to Sung Hyun but I bite my tongue. I don't want to ruin what we have going by putting time lines on things. But I don't want to wonder anymore. And part of the reason I can't speak to him is because I know that he won't fully be able to comprehend what I feel, how I think.........

Sometimes I feel like packing up my bags and pretending that my time in Korea was just a distant dream. But I know that my heart will truly ache if I leave someone I care about behind.

And here I am planning to study Korean full time for 2 years -- invesing a whole lot of time and money into something that is so fluid.

So what do I do??????

I could use your help MOM, DAD, anyone.............

Last day at the beach

Okay I know it's been awhile since I've updated and my pictures to Canada keep siting on my computer tauting me everytime I go on. So here's our super busy last day at the beach with my friend

We wanted to get up early in the moring because we only had a half day at the beach. Here we are getting ready to have some fun.

Some more football for Sung Hyun..........actually he was quite impressed that I knew how to throw a spiral!!!
After about the 10th try I finally captured Sung Hyun in mid air. Don't you think it would have been better if he was wearing his shower cap sized speedo?
Posing in the lake. And no I don't need a lifejacket................or maybe I do because I never have been a good swimmer, even though I was in the NAVY for 5 years.

The big dunk, that I wasn't expecting

WOW. This boat is bigger than my apartement in Korea.............hehe. This is Jen's dad's new boat and we got to go for a spin on the tube behind it.

Here we are getting ready to take off on the super spinning tube.

Sung Hyun is waving in this picture but I'm holding on for my dear life.

Time for a rest................and a swim................then some boat sandwiches..........yummy!!!!

This is the picture just before I dunk him..................sweet revenge!!!!

I almost flipped out a couple of times in this one shot. But I think I actually got flung off about 2 or 3 times total.

Our fun at the beach was over and we had to break camp and head to our next destination. Thanks for inviting us we had a great time

Sung Hyun got bit by so many mosquitoes that he was in so much pain the next 3 days. He made me stop in a small town on the drive home to buy him some extra strength afterbite. It was so funny because he was just saying the night before that Canadian mosquitoes are like Canadian people...............slow and relaxed. I think his exact words were "Canadian mosquitoes say to me, okay kill me please but the Korean mosquitoes say nana nana nana you can't kill me". It was the next day that he woke up with over 20 bites. I told him the mosquitoes could hear you talking bad about them.....hehe

So I didn't tell Sung Hyun where we were going next because I didn't want to freak him out. Actually I had told him several months before our trip to Canada that I would like him to be there with me when we burried my grandpa (who passed away in the winter and could not be burried at that time). Sung Hyun said that he didn't want to come because he said things like that are only for family. I don't really know exactly because I'm not sure what they do when people die in Korea.

Anyways, he kept asking why I was stopping and I told him that we were meeting my family for dinner. Which was true, but that was after the grave site service. Once we got to the grave site he knew exactly what was going on. And he was okay with it. Except he was walking on peoples grave because he didn't know any better. We only stayed for 5 minutes because we had the funeral in winter. He must have thought like what the heck...........people die and you only give them 5 minutes of your time.

Pizza afterwards................looks better than it tastes. Actually I starting to miss my Korean food at this point (okay yes I admit, I wanted a bowl of rice with some kimchi)

Next stop............dessert at my aunts house.

And a quick play with the 3 big dogs (their little babies). Sung Hyun loves big dogs so he was in his glory.

Free kisses!!!!!

Homemade lemony cheesecake thingy.........which was so delicious

And a family picture courteousy of Sung Hyun.
Top (left-right): Sheila (my brothers girlfriend), ME, Sandy (my mom), Tim (my dad), Howard (my uncle -- mom's brother), Heather (my aunt)
Bottom (left-right): Sung Hyun (with the kimchi fingers) and Greg (my brother)

WOW busy day!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Day 2 and 3

My good friend Jennifer invited me to go camping with her and her wonderful boyfriend Chris. So I couldn't resist!!!!!

So the second day in Canada was spent running around from store to store gathering goodies to go camping.

My mom was kind enough to rent me a vehicle for a whole week.............THANKS MOM!!!!

So with our bags packed and an open road ahead of us we began to drive.

And drive!!!!!

And drive!!!!!!

I thought that the 3+ hour drive would be good for Sung Hyun considering he is used to being sardined in Korea. But he fell asleep and when he was awake he thought the scenery was boring.

boring, boring, boring.................

UNTIL...............Sung Hyun decided to go to the bathroom in the back of my seat. At first he wanted to pee out the window. He literally rolled it down and attepted to do his business...........yuck I know!!! Anyways, after a failed attept he decided that peeing into a bottle was a better idea. And the worst part is that he was so proud of how full he got the bottle.......... ughhh boys!!!!!

We arrived at the camp ground safe and sound and got settled into the nice air con camper. My friend Jennnifer just bought a new camper and it was so beautiful, but Sung Hyun and I decided to do some REAL sytle camping................tents and all. We spent two nights in the tent. Mind ya, we had a really comfy blow up matress

Sung Hyun getting ready for bed................way before everyone else!!! He was super jet-lagged so his sleeping patterns were all wacked up.

He's certainly not shy to wear PINK!!! In fact, he chose this colour over the blue jacket.

Here's the best shot we have of her super camper.

The next day was full of sun. And as you can see from the picture above, Sung Hyun wore his shorts that I recently bought him (instead of his SPEEDO).

Here he is chillin' with the ladies with a super big grin on his face!!!

Basically this day (my birthday) just consisted of us relaxing in the sand and going for a dip in the pool when we need to cool down.

We headed back to the camper and Jennifer made me a kick-ass birthday dinner -- steak, salad, potatoes, corn, buns the whole works!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!

Then we were quickly off to the garbage dump before sunset so we could watch the bears.

The weather was PERFECT!!!! It's things like this that make me miss life in Canada

And that's all we got was a glimps of baby bear chowing down on some garbage.

This was probably the highlight of Sung Hyun's day!!!! Before we went to Canada, I told Sung Hyun that we would be able to see bears and he kept saying "okay, I will FIGHT the bear, and kill it". BUT when we actually saw it, he rolled up his windows and locked the door!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

DAY 1 Video


The bell had run and I was out!!! I dashed quickly to my apartment to find Sung Hyun excitedly awaiting at the bottom of my apartment doors, bags packed and ready to go. We hoped in a taxi and in 5 minute we were ready to jump on the airport bus and begin our journey.

I called my mom to tell her we were on our way. Well not exactly, I thought it would be funnier if I told her that I was unable to make it to Canada. She nearly had a heart attack and didn't think my joke was as funny afterall.

A short 1 hour bus ride later we were at the airport and ready to check in. We stood in line and this couple (Korean woman along with her Canadian husband) started to chat with Sung Hyun. Before long, the woman asked me if my name was JENNIFER. Yup I'm famous (hehe). Well not exactly, but Sung Hyun signed up for this website called COUPLE CANADA and because he's got several pictures of me plastered on his site many people have taken notice -- mostly because I think I'm the ONLY white girl dating a Korea man on the site. Anyways, the woman recognized my face from a picture she had seen of me and she just so happend to remember my name.

We were a little disappointed at the check-in counter when we discovered there were no 2 seats beside each other. So much for getting the window seat..........after some pleading and begging the nice Korean checkout man did some rearranging so we were at least able to sit next to one another.

The wait in the airport seemed very short, probably much shorter for Sung Hyun who was about to leave Korea for his first time. He went to the bathroon 9 times before we got on the airplane, that's how nervous he was.


The ride was pretty smooth. And incredibly fast. I guess that is what happens when you sleep for half of the flight. Also, the time goes by faster when you have company.

We arrived in Vancouver and Sung Hyun started snapping the pictures. We waited for what felt like an hour just to get our luggage and transfer it to the domestic belt. We rushed to our next security gate, only to find that the duty free alcohol I purchased on the plane would have to be tossed out..............How come no one on the plane told me about this when I was about to make the purchase? Ughhhhh, stupid AirCanada!!!!

Regardless of the alcohol loss, the woman took her sweet ass time checking us through security and we barely made our connecting flight. Running and our of breath we boarded the next flight to Regina, Saskatchewan.

Sung Hyun finally got a nice window seat so that he could see what was going on down below. But not too long after he sat down he had to swich seats with me. We had managed to get seated in the emergency exit seats so when the guy went into the spiel about what do in the event that an emergency may occur, Sung Hyun's puzzled look on his face gave way to the fact that he had no clue what the man was saying to him. That was enough for the man to realized that Sung Hyun couldn't speak English.

WELCOME TO ENGLISH LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We had a little surprise for my parents who were anxiously await for us (or maybe anxioulsy awaiting more for Sung Hyun's arrival, as oppose to mine).

COUPLE OUTFIT'S!!!! Yup, the whole works, purple monkey t-shirts with matching green shorts. But Sung Hyun was too embarrased to stay dressed like this for too long and I didn't get time to snap a picture. "This is not Canada style" he said!!!!!

We greeted my mom and dad.............but no friends!!!!! My dad said that I come home too many times that it's not exciting for my friends to pick me up at the airport anymore. And it's true, I do travel a lot but little did I realize my friends were all there.

Next stop, dinner!!!!! Sung Hyun's first Canadian meal. Which he said was TOO BIG!!!!! Yup, the portion sizes in Canada are HUGE. We told Sung Hyun he had to eat everything off his plate...................this was Canada style................keke!!!!

Next stop, ice cream.............DQ icecream................YUMMY!!!!!

Then we got a tour of my mom's house and Sung Hyun was amazed at how BIG my mom's house was. It's not really that BIG to me but for him it's HUGE. He told my mom that it wasn't a house, but a HOTEL............keke. Then my mom said, "Ok, $50 a night!!!!"

The bed was too soft for Sung Hyun because he was used to sleeping on the floor back in Korea. Also, he didn't want to sleep in the same room with me because he thought that would be disrespectful to my parents.....................awwww how cute......NOT!!!

I made him sleep in the soft bed and ensured him that it was okay to sleep in the same room with me. Sung Hyun got a great night sleep because I am sure he was overwhelmed, exhasted and shocked!!!! The first day was great ;)


Good news everyone!!! My trip to Canada was EXCELLENT, so I want to thank everyone for making it so great.

The only problem was that it was too SHORT............kinda just like a teaser. But, I am still thankful that Sung Hyun got a peek into my life.

He said his vacation in Canada was PERFECT!!!! "It was very relaxing and beautiful". The best part according to him was meeting my parents.

I have tons of pics to share and some funny stories but I'm in no mood to blog at the moment. Give me a week and I promise I'll have at least one Canada post up!!!!!