Friday, July 13, 2007

Youido Swimming Pool

Just a great day to hang with some friends by the side of the pool and watch the *eye candy*...hehe

Here's my friend DoYoung. He's a super sweet guy and a great Korean teacher.

Anne-Marie and me trying out our bathingsuits for MUD FESTIVAL. WHOAAAAA!!!! This is the gal that I will be travelling with after I finish my contract.

Oh yah look at us......first in the pool with our stinkin' shower caps. Yup you have to wear shower caps when you swim. I didn't have mine on, so the life guard quickly whistled at me.

Don't ask me what this guy is doing. But we just had to get a pic. See Koreans do the peace sign -- it's not just me, I swear!!!!


I'll NEVER NEVER NEVER forget my first swim date with Sung Hyun. We went off into the change rooms and got in our bathing suits. When Sung Hyun proudly pranced out, I thought he had mistaken his shower cap for his bathingsuit. Seriously, he had to smallest little speedo on, I felt so embarassed for him. You could see everything. BUT HE DIDN'T CARE. In fact, he walked around like he was the sexiest guy at the pool. Oh geez.....................don't worry mom, I bought him a real bathingsuit for Canada......hehe

Actually, at first I didn't like it, but now I think it's kinda cute how he is so proud to show off his little body.

So here is it -- Sung Hyuns shower cap SPEEDO!!!!!

I love it!!!!!


Empireofrain said...

haha check out his "arena" haha did you name it that? Mr.Arena or something haha but seriously, if i were as buff as him id wear a speedo to work lol
once again i have to point out how awsome you guys are for each other, it makes me jealous ><
i hope i have a good enough relationship to be almost like yours :P


Anonymous said...

Well, there is nothing wrong with a speedo on a guy with a 6-pack...its the fat, balding, hairy bodied men that shouldn't wear them!!

Can't wait to see you (hopefully!)


Beloved said...

I don't know why Speedos are such a big taboo in North America. Bikinis okay--Speedos not okay. Why? It all depends on the body wearing it, right?

I totally get your embarassment though. I went through the same humiliation with my man and his Speedo.

Anyway, Sung-hyun looks great, but don't tell him I said so--it might go to his head. :)