Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Yonsei University.....

A few weeks ago, before my computer decided to die, I went for a walk through my university. I managed to take a whole sememster at Yonsei (the Korean IVY league) and I never took the time to walk around to see how beautiful it really is.

It was the perfect weather to go out and walk around -- sun was shining, birds were singing, it was a beautiful day (okay I don't think the birds were singing, but there was no rain).

Currently in Korea we are experiencing the one-month rainy season, know as mansoon!!!! So basically it rains all day/ night!!!

The university crest

A Korean style park, no grass of course!!!

'P' and me, stopping for a rest!!

Nothing too exciting happening in my life. I'm getting excited for my trip back to Canada which is in 20 days and counting!!! WHOA!!!!


bman said...

dude, nice grass on the walls building! wow, i wish there was a week in america when it rained 24/7 so i could be sad for a week but then move on :/

Chi :) said...

Totally random and you don't know me xD; But I'm moving to Korea and will be living at the Yonsei university dorms while I'm in training to become a Kpop singer and I've been looking everywhere for good pictures of the place so thankyou so much for posting these! ^__^ It looks super pretty :D Sorry for the random comment you're probably like LOL who on earth are you o__0 but yeah. (: