Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ilsan with some friends!!!!

Ilsan is AWESOME!!!!! I think, maybe just maybe I want to live there next year. It's close enough to Seoul (1 hour bus ride) to see my bf on weekends, but it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love the feel of getting out of Seoul -- the air was cleaner, there were more trees, less people, newer buildings, an amazing lake park, bigger spaces, and I think I would have a pretty sweet office tel to live in.

I'm in love and this time it's not with Sung Hyun!!!!! hehe

So here we are in the bus ready to take off on a one day excursion. Just us three gals in the back and of course I couldn't forget my good friend Jackson. Jackson lived in Ilsan for 2 years so he gave us an excellent tour of the whole place!!!!! Thanks friend.

The Western Dome shopping center view from the balcony. A mall, yes people I found a mall........hehe!!!!

First stop FOOD!!!! Okay so even though this was a Korean experience, we had a craving for Western food so we headed to the American food chain UNO!!! Yum yum

After we stuffed our little (big) tummies we went for a cool walk up some grassy hill and then to an open so peaceful.

Here was our hike up to this cool secluded area. At the top we got a great over view of the city.

It was so great to see green grass and lucious!!! I never thought I would say something like that, especially coming from Canada, where I have access to all of these simple pleasures. I guess I just didn't realize how lucky I was.

Another exciting thing on this trip was discovering a neighbourhood of houses. Now let me tell you, just how expensive it is to own property here. Seoul is packed with, apartments everywhere!!!!! And they are not big and they are certainly NOT cheap.

I felt totally out of place when I was in this neighbourhood. Firstly, all the houses were so different and unique -- from log cabins to space ship looking houses to traditional Korean bizzare!!!! Also, the vehicles were totally posh!!!! Moreover, it was completely quiet, no load cars, people chattering or pushing you out of the way.

Here's a peek at the houses that I saw on my walk:

We rented some bikes and rode around the beautiful lake park. And after we headed for some discount shopping. It was a kick-ass day and I will definately be back here. Anyone wanna live in Ilsan with me next year????


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Yo Jenn,

Wow... for a moment there I thought you were either in Fukoka, Japan or back in Canada. I love the modern looking houses, very stylish.
"Posh".. I love that word.. hehehe.
So where abouts is this place?! You mentioned it's an hour from Seoul but what direction?
I'd love to check it out... especially the whole renting a bike thing... very cool!

Sunny said...

IlSan looks beautiful. I'd like to go there.