Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He's packed his bag, he's ready to go.............but not me, I'm the procrastinator!!!!

It's so funny to see what Sung Hyun has packed in his bag, considering he has literally NEVER travelled before.

Hummm let's see --

1. He insists that he NEEDS 6 disposible razors. First off, we will be going camping for 2 days and I doubt that he will want to shave while we are there. Secondly, we are only in Canada for one week therefore I think he only needs 1 razor. Does he think you can't reuse the disposible razor?

2. Sung Hyun also wants to pack 3 pairs of shoes. And then I asked him which ones he is going to wear on the plane, and he totally forgot that he needed to keep a pair out for the day we leave. Either way, does he really need 3 pairs of shoes? (btw, none of them are sandles)

3. He has sparated his underwear and socks, rolled them all up nicely and placed them in clear plastic bags. Is this so his clean socks and underwear don't contaminate the rest of his clothes?

4. Sung Hyun has 1 type of hair wax in his suitcase and 2 different ones in his man purse.

5. He didn't bother to pack deodarant because he doesn't wear any. Actually, most Koreans don't wear any kind of deodarant or anti-persperant.

6. So far for clothes packed he's got 3 tank-tops, 2 pair of jeans, 5 t-shirts, 4-5 shorts, and 3 bathingsuits (TWO of which are SPEEDOS) plus whatever he decides to wear that day...........maybe he thinks that Canadians don't have washing machines........

To say the least, he is definately overpacking!!!!!

This trip will consist of many firsts for him and I can't wait to be there by his side while he experiences Canada. He has shown me many unique things about Korea and its culture so naturally I am look forward to returning the favour. And although our trip to Canada is only just a week long I do believe that one day it will be for good.


Sandra said...

Ha. He sounds like me. I tend to over pack. You never know what the weather is going to be like.

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Hey Jenn,
Hehehe... that's so funny! Sung Hyun is my hero! Hehehe. I love that he's zip-locked his undies so that they stay "fresh".. too funny!
He's super cute and I'm sure he's super excited about his trip but be sure to introduce him to some surfer shorts for the swimming! I'm sure he's hot in a speedo but that just ain't real cool in Canada.
I hope you two both have a safe and super fun trip. Be sure to take lots of pictures! Have fun!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Over packers UNITE!!
Sung Hyun is so cute, ziplocking his undies.....why didn't I think of that??? lol
I am sad though that your visit is only a week...I for some reason thought it would be I guess I won't get to see you probably.

Annie-Me said...

Hey.....I miss you already. are you there yet?

Beloved said...

Love the low-down on Sung-Hyun's packing. I'm amazed that he's an overpacker. My husband is just the opposite. He always insists that we share one small suitcase and I'm like, "Whatever! I need that one and another like it just for my own stuff! How long have you known me?!?"

No worries if you're going to be in Quebec--he'll fit right in with those Speedos!