Monday, July 16, 2007


This pretty much summarizes our weekend.........haha!!! Well not quite but I really thought this shirt was a good conversation peice.

The two gals in blue ready for a good time. I made sure that I went to bed early on Friday night so that I was able to get up in time to leave. Anne Marie on the other hand.........well she partied all night and into the next day.

Here she is on the bus. With her eggs, beer and buttered squid.
And this was my first time on a Korean train, so I had to take a pic..........sorry about the kimchi fingers everyone

It started off somewhat cloudy but ended up being an excellent day at the beach.

The train to the beach was about 3 hours but it ended up going by pretty fast. We were able turn the seats around so we could talk with everyone.

I look like I'm some sort of Cass advertisement lady...........heheh

Here's the view of the beach from our hotel. It was so sweet because we were so close.
The first day I didn't take any pictures because I decided to leave my (i mean Sung Hyuns) camera back at the hotel where it would be safe. You see my last trip to Ilsan resulted in me dropping it from a balcony and smashing it to 3 peices. I was able to put it back together but the screen was busted and the parts didn't fit back correctly..........needless to say, I bought him a new one.
For dinner we feasted on a clam back. It really sucked because we managed to pic up some random U.S Military soldier who ruined the mood to say the least. He kept talking about D.A.K. which he later described to be as DUMB ASS KOREA. I couldn't believe he had the nerve to say that. That's one thing I don't understand about foreigners in Korea. Why do you choose to stay in Korea if it is so horrible????
Here's a clam ready to be eaten
Anyways, sorry about the rant..................ughhhhh!!!! Okay I'm not finished!!! The only complaint that I would have about the weekend was exactly that..........the foreigners. The drunk, abnoxious, ignorant, vulgar FOREIGNERS. So thank goodness we ran into these group of Koreans. Not only were they extremely generous and awesome, but they were SUPER cute too.

So here we are hanging out with our new friends on the beach while we play drinking games and watch the fireworks.

I think I tired to get in EVERY picture with them.................hehehe

Here is the HOTTEST of them all.

After we went for a dip in the Yellow Sea at 3 a.m we went back to their hotel they cooked us samgyupsal (BBQ pork) on the patio.

The next day was just as beautiful as the one before.

But there were still A LOT OF PEOPLE

'Jennifer loves Sung Hyun'

The best part was that we got to hang out with cutie boys the next day too.

Oh yah baby.................this is what the mud festival is all about. Getting yourself all dirty.

......and then beating up your friend

This pic is really cool beacuse I got Anne-Marie as she was tossing the ball into the air

And these boys were not suposed to know that I was taking a picture, but Dong Hee turned around just as it snapped and gave me this pose

Fun in the water

Goofing around

As most of you know, I am not a big fan of big Macho Canadian guys who think they are too tough for anything. I truely appreciate the guys who aren't afraid to show their feelings. In fact, I think it takes a REAL man to do that.........This picture is so adorable because of that. Two friends hanging out on the beach!!!!


Baxterita said...

I love how you love Korea! I'm Korean-American and Hubby is a self-described Euromutt American. Jealous and wish we could join you guys for all the fun...

Beloved said...

Great pics!!!

I am so with you on the obnoxious foreigners in Korea. I met so many! I had a little empathy for the military guys because most of them had been assigned to Korea and they get a lot of grief from Koreans (as in, they are not well liked which I totally get from Koreans' perspectives, but still can't be too pleasant for them). I was never able to hang out with large groups of foreigners when I lived in Korea. Too many things they said upset me; it was very aggravating for me, so I always stuck to one or two close foreign friends.

Empireofrain said...

hey jenn, i really liked this post. its always fun to read about a friend having fun :) do beaches differ from N.america to South Korea? I imagine theres some kind of difference. like in the Meditterean (did i spell it right? haha) the water is soo salty they say its impossible to drown haha
hope you had fun and have more fun days to come!

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Yo Jenn,
I'm so jealous that you went to the mud festival and I didn't... ahhhhh!!!
Hey, did you get really daring and do any mud wrestling?! Let me tell ya, I did it and wow, my knees needed a couple of months to recover for the cuts and bruises but it made for a pretty cool story... hehehe.
Love the pictures. Can never have too many Korean hotties on your homepage... hehehe.
Why didn't your man go with ya though?

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Hi Beloved... I TOTALLY agree with ya! I try to keep my foriegn friends list pretty limited. I'm not cool with people who come here and don't try to respect the Koreans and their culture.