Saturday, July 07, 2007


Sung Hyun and I celebrated our one-year aniversary this past Friday........yah I know, one year!!!! I can remember arriving in Korea and wanting so badly to turn around go back home. I was alone in a strange country and I never thought I would last a whole year. AND NEVER DID I THINK I WOULD EVEN CONSIDER DATING A KOREAN!!!!

When I met Sung Hyun I had only 2 short months left on my contract and I was going to return back to Canada..........forever. Sung Hyun was simply a cool guy who had a good sense of humor and the ability to make people laugh. I had fun with him.

Each time that I hung out with him I started to like him more and more but I was still set on returning back to Canada. And since he could hardly speak English I got my manager to write a letter to him in Korean explaining that I would be returing home soon. I gave him the letter when he came to my apartement and when he read it he went outside immediately. I remember that night so clearly. I am sure he was crying but he didn't want me to see. He took me for a drive out of Seoul and up to a secluded restaurant. The drive was very quiet as we talked about what we would do for the next 3 weeks that we had together. All he could say was 'his heart ached' .

Fortunately enough I was able to extend my contract for 2 more months and it was during this time that I knew I had something good with Sung Hyun. Then, I decided to return to Korea after a short 2 month visit in Canada.

I have been super cautious and guarded in this relationship for several reasons. Firstly, I know that there is a lot working against us........he speaks Korean, I speak English. His home is in Korea, my home is in Canada. Plus both of us are still very young.

Regardless of this, I consider myself extremely lucky to have someone who cares for me so much. Anyone that meets Sung Hyun tells me that it's apparent he has put alot of effort into this (not so normal) relationship. He tries..................and that is what counts!!!! You can really tell how much he cares for me.

On Friday (our one-year aniversary) he got 50 red roses delievered to my work. I was so surprised and beaming for the rest of the day!!!!

So beautiful, don't you think?
After work Sung Hyun and I went to the 63 building for a fancy dinner. This dinner was too fancy for us. Everyone was dressed so nicely that you could smell the money ozing from their pores.
It was a fantastic atomosphere but I don't think the food was worth $60 a plate!!!! This was definately a one time dining experience.

Sung Hyun has been studying English really hard because he is worried about what people will think of him when he goes to Canada. He wrote me a little journal in Korean and then attempted to translate everything to English.

After dinner we headed out to meet up with Shane and some friends for his birthday party.

And then we decided to walk home.
I am sooooo NOT Korean......I can't wear high-heels!!!! So Sung Hung always helps me out........keke!!!!

And somehow by the end of the night we all had mis-matched shoes!!!!


Anonymous said...

haha the translation was cute-glad you had a good day, and anniversary. i liked this post becasue it went and explained a big part of the past and also whats going on now. i like readin about someones day but even more so when its linked with the past (and they explain it)
ps-first comment-woot woot! staying up untill 5am is sooo worth it :P

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Yo Jenn,
Honestly, and call me a total sap, but when I read this last entry of yours I got a bit emotional.... you two have such a sweet relationship. Having had a serious relationship with a Korean man (Ryan), I can totally relate with what you're going through.... I know, it's not easy. I SO understand what that's about. And, although that relationship didn't work, I did learn a lot from it.
I think it's so awesome that he is trying to translate his journal for you... what's this though, you didn't like his kiss?! hehehe... so funny!
Congrats on the one year anniversary. You really have an awesome thing going for you... you both do.
See what love does to us... makes us give up what we think is everything --- our country, friends back home, comfort-- and risk all for what we hope will be something so great. But it is so great. You have something others could only wish to have... love.
I know that sounds kind of exaggerated, but it's true. You and I both stayed in this country for love... I wasn't as lucky as you at my first try but now I'm having my second chance.

Sunny said...

Keep building up the sweet memories. Gives you something nice to remember together when the kids are grown and gone.

Beloved said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary!!! Intercultural relationships are definitely not easy, but they are wonderful. I've learned so much from my husband and I like to think he's also learned from me. We're both different people than we were when we started, but in a positive, more open-minded way.

Ah~~you've just reminded me how much I love my husband; I'm going to go tell him. :-)