Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He's packed his bag, he's ready to go.............but not me, I'm the procrastinator!!!!

It's so funny to see what Sung Hyun has packed in his bag, considering he has literally NEVER travelled before.

Hummm let's see --

1. He insists that he NEEDS 6 disposible razors. First off, we will be going camping for 2 days and I doubt that he will want to shave while we are there. Secondly, we are only in Canada for one week therefore I think he only needs 1 razor. Does he think you can't reuse the disposible razor?

2. Sung Hyun also wants to pack 3 pairs of shoes. And then I asked him which ones he is going to wear on the plane, and he totally forgot that he needed to keep a pair out for the day we leave. Either way, does he really need 3 pairs of shoes? (btw, none of them are sandles)

3. He has sparated his underwear and socks, rolled them all up nicely and placed them in clear plastic bags. Is this so his clean socks and underwear don't contaminate the rest of his clothes?

4. Sung Hyun has 1 type of hair wax in his suitcase and 2 different ones in his man purse.

5. He didn't bother to pack deodarant because he doesn't wear any. Actually, most Koreans don't wear any kind of deodarant or anti-persperant.

6. So far for clothes packed he's got 3 tank-tops, 2 pair of jeans, 5 t-shirts, 4-5 shorts, and 3 bathingsuits (TWO of which are SPEEDOS) plus whatever he decides to wear that day...........maybe he thinks that Canadians don't have washing machines........

To say the least, he is definately overpacking!!!!!

This trip will consist of many firsts for him and I can't wait to be there by his side while he experiences Canada. He has shown me many unique things about Korea and its culture so naturally I am look forward to returning the favour. And although our trip to Canada is only just a week long I do believe that one day it will be for good.

Monday, July 16, 2007


This pretty much summarizes our weekend.........haha!!! Well not quite but I really thought this shirt was a good conversation peice.

The two gals in blue ready for a good time. I made sure that I went to bed early on Friday night so that I was able to get up in time to leave. Anne Marie on the other hand.........well she partied all night and into the next day.

Here she is on the bus. With her eggs, beer and buttered squid.
And this was my first time on a Korean train, so I had to take a pic..........sorry about the kimchi fingers everyone

It started off somewhat cloudy but ended up being an excellent day at the beach.

The train to the beach was about 3 hours but it ended up going by pretty fast. We were able turn the seats around so we could talk with everyone.

I look like I'm some sort of Cass advertisement lady...........heheh

Here's the view of the beach from our hotel. It was so sweet because we were so close.
The first day I didn't take any pictures because I decided to leave my (i mean Sung Hyuns) camera back at the hotel where it would be safe. You see my last trip to Ilsan resulted in me dropping it from a balcony and smashing it to 3 peices. I was able to put it back together but the screen was busted and the parts didn't fit back correctly..........needless to say, I bought him a new one.
For dinner we feasted on a clam back. It really sucked because we managed to pic up some random U.S Military soldier who ruined the mood to say the least. He kept talking about D.A.K. which he later described to be as DUMB ASS KOREA. I couldn't believe he had the nerve to say that. That's one thing I don't understand about foreigners in Korea. Why do you choose to stay in Korea if it is so horrible????
Here's a clam ready to be eaten
Anyways, sorry about the rant..................ughhhhh!!!! Okay I'm not finished!!! The only complaint that I would have about the weekend was exactly that..........the foreigners. The drunk, abnoxious, ignorant, vulgar FOREIGNERS. So thank goodness we ran into these group of Koreans. Not only were they extremely generous and awesome, but they were SUPER cute too.

So here we are hanging out with our new friends on the beach while we play drinking games and watch the fireworks.

I think I tired to get in EVERY picture with them.................hehehe

Here is the HOTTEST of them all.

After we went for a dip in the Yellow Sea at 3 a.m we went back to their hotel they cooked us samgyupsal (BBQ pork) on the patio.

The next day was just as beautiful as the one before.

But there were still A LOT OF PEOPLE

'Jennifer loves Sung Hyun'

The best part was that we got to hang out with cutie boys the next day too.

Oh yah baby.................this is what the mud festival is all about. Getting yourself all dirty.

......and then beating up your friend

This pic is really cool beacuse I got Anne-Marie as she was tossing the ball into the air

And these boys were not suposed to know that I was taking a picture, but Dong Hee turned around just as it snapped and gave me this pose

Fun in the water

Goofing around

As most of you know, I am not a big fan of big Macho Canadian guys who think they are too tough for anything. I truely appreciate the guys who aren't afraid to show their feelings. In fact, I think it takes a REAL man to do that.........This picture is so adorable because of that. Two friends hanging out on the beach!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Youido Swimming Pool

Just a great day to hang with some friends by the side of the pool and watch the *eye candy*...hehe

Here's my friend DoYoung. He's a super sweet guy and a great Korean teacher.

Anne-Marie and me trying out our bathingsuits for MUD FESTIVAL. WHOAAAAA!!!! This is the gal that I will be travelling with after I finish my contract.

Oh yah look at us......first in the pool with our stinkin' shower caps. Yup you have to wear shower caps when you swim. I didn't have mine on, so the life guard quickly whistled at me.

Don't ask me what this guy is doing. But we just had to get a pic. See Koreans do the peace sign -- it's not just me, I swear!!!!


I'll NEVER NEVER NEVER forget my first swim date with Sung Hyun. We went off into the change rooms and got in our bathing suits. When Sung Hyun proudly pranced out, I thought he had mistaken his shower cap for his bathingsuit. Seriously, he had to smallest little speedo on, I felt so embarassed for him. You could see everything. BUT HE DIDN'T CARE. In fact, he walked around like he was the sexiest guy at the pool. Oh geez.....................don't worry mom, I bought him a real bathingsuit for Canada......hehe

Actually, at first I didn't like it, but now I think it's kinda cute how he is so proud to show off his little body.

So here is it -- Sung Hyuns shower cap SPEEDO!!!!!

I love it!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ilsan with some friends!!!!

Ilsan is AWESOME!!!!! I think, maybe just maybe I want to live there next year. It's close enough to Seoul (1 hour bus ride) to see my bf on weekends, but it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love the feel of getting out of Seoul -- the air was cleaner, there were more trees, less people, newer buildings, an amazing lake park, bigger spaces, and I think I would have a pretty sweet office tel to live in.

I'm in love and this time it's not with Sung Hyun!!!!! hehe

So here we are in the bus ready to take off on a one day excursion. Just us three gals in the back and of course I couldn't forget my good friend Jackson. Jackson lived in Ilsan for 2 years so he gave us an excellent tour of the whole place!!!!! Thanks friend.

The Western Dome shopping center view from the balcony. A mall, yes people I found a mall........hehe!!!!

First stop FOOD!!!! Okay so even though this was a Korean experience, we had a craving for Western food so we headed to the American food chain UNO!!! Yum yum

After we stuffed our little (big) tummies we went for a cool walk up some grassy hill and then to an open so peaceful.

Here was our hike up to this cool secluded area. At the top we got a great over view of the city.

It was so great to see green grass and lucious!!! I never thought I would say something like that, especially coming from Canada, where I have access to all of these simple pleasures. I guess I just didn't realize how lucky I was.

Another exciting thing on this trip was discovering a neighbourhood of houses. Now let me tell you, just how expensive it is to own property here. Seoul is packed with, apartments everywhere!!!!! And they are not big and they are certainly NOT cheap.

I felt totally out of place when I was in this neighbourhood. Firstly, all the houses were so different and unique -- from log cabins to space ship looking houses to traditional Korean bizzare!!!! Also, the vehicles were totally posh!!!! Moreover, it was completely quiet, no load cars, people chattering or pushing you out of the way.

Here's a peek at the houses that I saw on my walk:

We rented some bikes and rode around the beautiful lake park. And after we headed for some discount shopping. It was a kick-ass day and I will definately be back here. Anyone wanna live in Ilsan with me next year????