Saturday, May 05, 2007

Love the dance video

Okay I just had to post this dance video. My friend took it while we were waiting for our bus in Myeong-dong, a famous shopping district...............ahhh look closely and you will see a guy in the middle. Now it only I could bust a move like him. So awesome.........


undauntedoh said...

8th of May is parents' day.
Perfect timing to win you bf's

Why am I here??? said...

Speaking of that.........I am suposed to go to Sung Hyun's oldest sisters house to help get stuff ready for his mom. Anything I should do / bring?

undauntedoh said...

It is customary for koreans to have
their parents festooned with carnations early in the morning on
parents' day, but I would not do that. But giving a bouquet of flowers will be moderate and thoughtful, as long as they are coupled with a casual message.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Jenn ...
... nice to see you posting again.
No, you do not want a kitten!