Wednesday, May 16, 2007

last week.....

Okay you know I lead a boring life when I post a before, during and after picture of my front closet. But seriously I hadn't cleaned it since I arrived in Korea so it definately needed to be done. So I gave in and spent an hour on Thursday evening after my night class and got it done!!!


I usually spend my Sunday's with Sung Hyun and instead of just bumming around the house I decided that I wanted to be somewhat productive. I dragged him out of bed by 1:00 pm and we headed out to have some fun.

We ended up at a Japenese restaraunt for some fuel to get us started. We walked around for a bit until I got huge blisters on my toes and then enjoyed some iced coffee.........
We hurried off to the theatre because in the morning I had bought some tickets to see a show called NANTA -- a comedic, non-verbal performance.

Definately was amazed at the sort of stuff they did -- throwing plates like they were frisbees, playing the drums on cutting boards with cool!!!!


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Wow Jenn!
I really like the new style your sporting.... the hair, the skirt and the jewelery! It's definitely a more Koreanized look....ㅋㅋㅋ. You look so pretty!

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Hey Jenn... how's your Korean class going?