Thursday, May 03, 2007


Amy often talks about lovin' the pretty Korean boys. And I myself must confess that I love them too. So what is a pretty Korean boy? Well check out these SUNKIST Lemonade commercials to find out. The first one aired my first year in Korea and I have just recently seen the second one being broadcasted. So what do you think? Would you ever catch a Canadian man doing this?


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Hey Jenn....

Thanks for the shout outs to me... cool. Yup, gotta love those PRETTY Korean guys!
I think the first dude is the cutest! Hehehe... I'm not really into Korean dudes dying their hair. I can deal with them perming their hair but dying it... no way! I like the dark hair... and love the jet black hair!!!

And to answer your question, no, you wouldn't find a Canadian man doing these commericals unless he was gay or wanted to become the humiliated talk of the town!

Anonymous said...

Okay, the boys are cute, but boy, those commercials are terrible!! LOL And I must agree, much better with the darker hair than with the light....but no man should perm their hair!! LOL


Beloved said...

Hmmm. . . I'm all about Korean guys, but those boys are just a little too pretty for me. I always pick on my husband when he watches Korean shows ('cause he picks on all my American shows) and ask him, "Is that a boy or a girl?" Of course, he doesn't usually defend them because he can't understand why Korean women like pretty boys anyway.

As they say in Korea, I like Korean "tough guys."