Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007


On Saturday I hung out with my Korean friend Do Young. We went to the National Museum located near my place. I thought it would be a simple subway ride to meet him yet it turned out to be a disaster.........I got lost.........twice!!!! I have been in Korea for over a year now and I still have trouble navigating through some of the busy subway stations. Anyways, half an hour later and a few phone calls to Do Young I managed to make it there. He was all smiles when I arrived. Had that have been him who was late I think it would have been a different story.............one of my biggest pet peaves is late people --I can't stand when people are late, it's such a waste of my time.

Anyways, he took all the pictures and then sent them to me. Because I am so slow with computers I could only manage to upload two of the photos (only of me). The first one is turned sideways and I have no clue how to adjust it.

And here I am standing in front of some pottery that was discovered in the first dynasty. I learned a lot about Korea by going to this museum. Do Young directed me through from the start to the finish telling me everything he knew.
After the tour we were both hungry so we headed out for Western food. Do Young is so Westernized I am starting to think that I am more Korean than him. His dad works on the US base so he is always around Western people and he loves the food. Everytime I meet up with him, I know that we won't be eating Korean style.
Do Young even helped me study Korean while we ate. He has agreed to teach me every Saturday afternoon in exchange for lunch. SCORE!!!!!!! He is an excellent tutor and I am so thankful that he is extremely generous......thanks Do Young!!!!
After an afternoon with Do Young my lover came over................and cleaned my bathroom...keke
So my bathroom hasn't been cleaned in over 3 weeks..............gross I know!!! I kept cleaning the other parts of my house but couldn't work up enough energy to tackle the bathroom. Finally Sung Hyun had enough............he slapped on the hot pink rubber gloves and got to work. After 30 minutes of scrubbing my bathroom was sparkling..........thanks Sung Hyun. I got a picture of him in action, although I don't think he's too impressed that I posted it on my site.
Later in the evening we hopped in his truck and went to Ilsan for a nice walk in the park.

Everything was great until we got into a discussion that left him extremely frustrated and me in tears. I ended the night by slamming his truck door and storming up to my room. Now I feel so awful!!!!
Today (Sunday) is our hang-out day..............but I haven't heard from him yet.......we'll have to see how everything unfolds!!!!! ughhhh sometimes I can be such a b*tch

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Here is my super talented, super awesome, super amazing Korean friend Charlie. He's truly a great person and I consider myself extremely lucky to know him. Charlie........if you only knew how much I respect and admire the person you are. Thanks for everything my friend ;)

......last night!!!!!!

I was a little bummed out yesterday because I knew I wouldn't be able to see Sung Hyun for a week since I am busy everyday this week. I had a really exhasting day and I just wanted to come home and crash in his arms. When I called him he said that he was at home with his mom and didn't want to come to my place.

I was so disappointed.................

When I got to my apt. my light was on.................... but no one answered when I rang the bell!!!!

I unlocked my apt. only to be surprised with a late dinner (can you guess what it is?) and 5 roses. It was sooooooo DELICIOUS (and he even had the dishes done when I got there, big points in my book.....keke). I went to bed with the biggest SMILE on my face in the arms of someone who I am completely in love with. How much better can it be?

................it's chicken and shrimp incase anyone is wondering.............he wipped together some wicked sause with whatever I had in my fridge (pretty good for someone who has never cooked before).

last week.....

Okay you know I lead a boring life when I post a before, during and after picture of my front closet. But seriously I hadn't cleaned it since I arrived in Korea so it definately needed to be done. So I gave in and spent an hour on Thursday evening after my night class and got it done!!!


I usually spend my Sunday's with Sung Hyun and instead of just bumming around the house I decided that I wanted to be somewhat productive. I dragged him out of bed by 1:00 pm and we headed out to have some fun.

We ended up at a Japenese restaraunt for some fuel to get us started. We walked around for a bit until I got huge blisters on my toes and then enjoyed some iced coffee.........
We hurried off to the theatre because in the morning I had bought some tickets to see a show called NANTA -- a comedic, non-verbal performance.

Definately was amazed at the sort of stuff they did -- throwing plates like they were frisbees, playing the drums on cutting boards with knives...........so cool!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Korean pop star RAIN tops the chart as this years most influencial person. Check out this site, it's hilarious.......... (Stephen Colbert does his own music video to prove he's more influencial than Rain.........just wait through 30 second commerial to watch it)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Making the small things count........

Okay okay maybe I shouldn't be bragging BUT........... I have been in such a good mood lately. I am really really really enjoying my Korean course. It does suck thought because it does mean that I sacrifice my time with Sung Hyun to STUDY........and who likes to study on a Saturday afternoon when it's so beautiful outside????? Well actually I do.

Anyways, so today (Tuesday) after my class I stumbled home at about 10:30pm and discovered that my lover (remember this only means boyfriend, so don't freak out mom) had left me a little surprise in my apartment.

And here it is...............

So yah a t-shirt with a love letter.............that's it.............BUT I totally wasn't expecting it and it's these little gestures that mean the world to me.

So here's a tribute to HIM for making me feel so great and taking the time to make me SMILE...................I LOVE YOU SUNG HYUN!!! Infact, this post is a dedication to all the men out there who make an effort to ensure their loved ones know they are loved.

So here's my lover doing what he does best........................EATING!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Love the dance video

Okay I just had to post this dance video. My friend took it while we were waiting for our bus in Myeong-dong, a famous shopping district...............ahhh look closely and you will see a guy in the middle. Now it only I could bust a move like him. So awesome.........


My boyfriend has some connections which resulted in my computer being fixed in 3 days, free of charge..............score!!!

Remember last week when I posted that FREE HUGS picture. Well here is a video that I discovered.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Amy often talks about lovin' the pretty Korean boys. And I myself must confess that I love them too. So what is a pretty Korean boy? Well check out these SUNKIST Lemonade commercials to find out. The first one aired my first year in Korea and I have just recently seen the second one being broadcasted. So what do you think? Would you ever catch a Canadian man doing this?