Sunday, April 01, 2007


The yellow haze, also known as Asian dust or yellow sand, has arrived!!!!
The haze is generated in the Gobi Desert along the northern Chinese and Mongolian border and in other
parts of China's deserts. The prevailing westerly carries the dust to Korea and Japan.
"People should keep their windows closed, wear goggles, masks and long-sleeved shirts when going out,
and drink plenty of water to help flush out the waste matter in the body,'' the official said.

He said people should wash their hands, feet and face after returning home and wear glasses instead of
contact lenses, which may be scratched by dust particles.
(Taken from The Korean Times)

Okay here is my mask...............doesn't it look like a huge maxi pad on my face?


Navy Girl said...

I vote that you get one of those cute burberry ones (you know the beige plaid ones) they are much cuter. Now that I see your post I understand what some of my students have been telling me about. They kept talking about dust and sand in the spring. I told them that it happens everywhere, and it happens in Canada too. Thanks for clarifying that, I was definitely wrong. Hope you are doing well. 요즘은, 한국말을 열심이 공부해요?

Maggie+Noodles+Cement said...

My name's Maggie and I was looking through Google's search engine for cute Korean guys when I came upon your blog, and your posts were soo funny that I couldn't stop laughing!
I want to go to Korea too when I graduate.
If you don't mind, can you give me a few pointers?