Monday, April 02, 2007

Birthday Party

On Sunday I had the opportunity to go to a 1-year olds birthday party. Now this certainly wasn't like your average Western birthday with cake, candles and close friends. Infact there were several diffences. Firstly, the couple wore matching hanbok's (baby included). Secondly, the baby sat in a King's thrown like chair. Thirdly, there were way too many ppl packed into the room (totally Korean style). Fourthly, they must have spent a fortune on this for 50 guests, yikes!!!! Fifthly, there was another celebration happening right on the other side of the buffet table.

Anyways, I could go on forever, but all I will say is that is wasn't what I had anticipated.

Okay so here is some sort of Korean tradition. The baby is presented with some items and he/ she gets to chose an item. All the items have some sort of significant meaning. Money repesents a life full of wealth. A spool of thread means that you will live a long life. If you choose the pencil then you will be very studious.........and I think there is one more item but neither Sung Hyun or I can remember.

So here she is on her 1 year birthday, wondering what the heck all this fuss is about.

I love these Korean style picture albums. They are just like books. I am tempted to book an afternoon at a studio with Sung Hyun so that we can get one of these made...................but that would be kinda gay!!!!! Just have to wait till I get married I guess.

Goofing around with some friends.

Here he is all red-faced again. This is what happens when you mix alcohol with Koreans. It's so funny to see their skin instantly flush after just a couple shots of SOJU. Can you tell I got my hair cut and coloured (yes I know it's still a little black but it's the best he could do right after I destroyed my hair).

ROUND 2 -- after the party we ditched the baby and headed over to a restaurant for some more food, drinks and fun times. I got the opportunity to meet most of Sung Hyun's highschool friends. We had a blast!!!!!

I had a little problem this week with an infected toe..............I won't go into the details, but my trip to the hospital resulted in the doctor wanting to remove my toenail. I opted for some anti-biotics instead. Hopefully that will clear things up so they don't have to rip it out........yah not fun. Anyways I definately should not have worn high-heeled shoes. Sung Hyun kept asking me how my foot was doing through-out the night and as soon as I said it started to hurt he was eager to slip into my shoes.

I joke around that he is so gay and that if he ever lived in Canada he would never be able to get away with anything like this. But really deep down I think this is soooooo sweet and cute and it's these little gestures that make me love him even more. After I announced that I was going to post this picture on my blog he was still all smiles for the camera.


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Hey Jenn.... so... what did the little one pick? What would you pick?

Looks like you've changed your hair... added some highlights I see. Looks great! I really like the picture of you and your man showing the "victory" signs.... you two are a very cute couple!

undauntedoh said...

You never talked about highlights!
But they look good on you.

Can't believe you fell for my
April Fool's prank.

Speaking of the lil baby's b-day
party, why did she pick?

I think I picked a pencil.

School starts in 48 hours, huh?

Clock's ticking.. Relish every single moment with your 남자친구!

Why am I here??? said...

haha...........i totally went to the hair dresser and got my hair cut and coloured and I paid an outragous price for it.

You didn't have to tell me that you picked a pencil -- I think that is quite obvious.

As for what the baby picked..........two handfulls of CASH $$$$$$$$

Jenna said...

Jennifer, your hair looks great!

Anonymous said...

Love your new hair-do. Looks like you had a fun time. Later. Still can't believe that SH wore your heels.

Beloved said...

I'll just echo what everyone else is saying--the hair looks great!

I love the pic with SH in your heels. I remember the day my husband went out to do some work in the yard at his mom's house and slipped on her little shoes. He looked ridiculous and it just amazed me that he couldn't have cared less. I mean, we were out in the country with no one around but still--you'd never catch a North American guy dead wearing shoes like that--anywhere, anytime. So funny.

Kyong said...

hi - you have such a cute blog here. just wanted to say how adorable your boyfriend's gesture was - just like the guy in "my sassy girl"! i love reading about people's adventures in korea! take care!