Monday, April 23, 2007

An all-in-one post!!!!

Oh geez, where to start!!! Well a lot has happend since I have been on here last but I've just decided to upload a bunch of pictures and write little comments under each. After this post I don't know when I wil be able to post again because I am super super busy. On top of that my computer is BROKEN so I have retired it to my closet, where it will stay until I get around to finding someone to fix it for me......sigh**** That being said, I have decided to take a BLOA (bloggers leave of absence)

As most of you already know Korean men are required to do at least 2 years of mandatory military service. After they have finished they are still required to meet one day every year to do a refresher course. I got to sneak a peak of Sung Hyun in his uniform. He was so hungry after he finished that he met me at Kim Bob Jong Guk and chowed down on TWO plates of food. He ate all of the food in front of him.
He kinda remined me of that character ALMER FUDD.........don't you think?

Here was a memorial set up for the victims of the VT shooting, just outside the American Embassy.

My package from Canada has arrived -- filled with loads of easter candy, Kraft dinner and some special messages from home......thanks mom, love you!!!!!
........and so does Sung Hyun........You should have seen how fast he opened this package.........he even ripped open one of the chocolate cream eggs and shoved the whole thing in his mouth.....................

My friend Anne Marie had a litter of kittens.........6 kitten to be exact. They are finally starting to walk around and explore........they are pretty cute!!!!!

My famous spaghetti dinner at my place with Sung Hyuns good friends. I am finally starting to understand a it of what they talk about.

This cute Korean guys was holding up a sigh that was offering FREE HUGS. When we saw that sign both Sung Hyun and myself ran up to the guy and gave him a gigantic was nice!!!!

LONG STORY SHORT....................after a movie Sung Hyun took me to this beautiful park/ musean. The sky was clear and there was peaceful music playing in the background. The trees were in full blossom. It totally reminded me of home. I started thinking about all the good times back in Canada and then I lost it.............I completely broke down and cried...........I wasn't happy I wasn't sad, I just wasn't anything.........just one of those moments where you just need to cry!!!!!

Korean summer if only I could lose 50 pounds so that I could actually fit it......hehe

Some yummy Korean food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slurping his soup Korean style!!!!!

ME TOO!!!! It was so funny to see all the delicate Korean ladies eating this dish with such grace. Hell with that I thought................why makes me different from a I picked up my soup and slurped it along with all the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then we enjoyed some ice cream


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Hey Jenn,

Glad to see that you FINALLY got around to updating your homepage...thanks!

Wow... you look SO pretty in that picture with you peeking from behind the tree... very cute.

I like that first pic. of Sung Hyun chowing down on all that food. Damn him for being able to eat all that and still not gain an inche...hehehe... just jokes.

Oh, and I can't stand those manicanes! Hehehe... they've got super tiny bodies, shrunken heads and exaggerated large eyes. I think we'd ALL have to lose major pounds to look like them. I may not be skinny but I'm proud of it. You and me are REAL women!

Real women have curves and our curves are kicking...hehehe.

Hey how's your Korean going? You still studying hard?

I've kind of, correction, have REALLY slacked off my studying because of Pretty Boy. He's PURE distraction.

It's kind of ironic that I first started to hang out with him cause he promised to teach me Korean and yet today I found myself volunteering to teach him English so that he doesn't have to go to a hagwon.... he's got it sweet. And trust me, he TOTALLY knows it...hehehe.

Catch ya later.

Anonymous said...

Jen!! I was so excited to see you updated, as I think I check almost everyday, and then you say you are taking a LOA! You can't do that to meeeeee! Just kidding, of course you can, but I would still love to see a small update every other week or so, just to let us know what's up. I am living vicariosly through you I tell ya!

Take care! And great pic of you btw in the cherry blossoms!


W.E. said...

Well, I lived in Korea for along time. In fact I use live in E Tae Won. I lived there from 1958 to 1974. When I first went to Korea there were no hard roads outisde of the Major cities.
Chun Chon is my favorite place. You must remember when I first arrived there electricity was a hopeful situation for most folks, especially in the winter months. My wife and I lived one street(alley) up from the MSR (Main Supply Route) The Coulter statue had just been erected. That would be the main three street intersection just before one travels down the MSR towards eigth Army.
E Tae Won was acool place to live. Our house had ait's own deep well, large court yard big enough to grown a garden. We had four amin rooms and the kitchen. I, off course changed am lto of things around for our comfort. I had a table and benches made for eating. I bought a Neng Jhung Go, it had to sit in our bedroom, no place in the kitchen for it. We ate fresh produce every day, in fact the maid would shop with my wife for almost every meal. Our garden in the summer supplied almost all the green onions, lettuce, carrots, peas, cabbage(American). we had it pretty well made.
We could buy fresh made noodles from the noddle man, but we had to send the house girl down and across the street asnd own the steps to where a little Che Jhung used to be. Gone now. For fifty won (worth then approx a nickel)for nooodles to feed all of us, me, my wife, the house girl (No Mai) Maid/Cook ( Emo )an lady we called, "Aunt" and Emo's shool age son. Emo lost her husband, KIA at Cap Yong Ni.
Our children grew up there and the house had some rooms added to accomadate three boys and girl. Our daughter was born early 1961 and then along came thr three boys.
They ran E Tae Won with vigor and new every nook and cranny of the place.They had the best of both worlds. They spoke Korean fluently, went to a private Korean school in Sang Gak Chi, learned Chinese and spoke English like a native with some pecularities. My wife ran a taught ship, though. But they still managed to run the the city of Seoul.
I'll never forget once they were caught down at Me Do Pa department store by my wife. Kim had went shopping for some gifts and while there heard these excited young voices talking in English. She told me, " I said to my self, no in can't be, they are that the Library and bowling alley on Main Post (Young San) she poked her head around the corner and there they were all four of them trying to fool a sales girl by speaking English only and then listening to see if they were going to get a deal on something they were trying to buy. Oh, they were sneaky. My said, you should ahve seen their faces when i snagged them by the ears and marched them to cab stop.
That was life