Monday, April 23, 2007

An all-in-one post!!!!

Oh geez, where to start!!! Well a lot has happend since I have been on here last but I've just decided to upload a bunch of pictures and write little comments under each. After this post I don't know when I wil be able to post again because I am super super busy. On top of that my computer is BROKEN so I have retired it to my closet, where it will stay until I get around to finding someone to fix it for me......sigh**** That being said, I have decided to take a BLOA (bloggers leave of absence)

As most of you already know Korean men are required to do at least 2 years of mandatory military service. After they have finished they are still required to meet one day every year to do a refresher course. I got to sneak a peak of Sung Hyun in his uniform. He was so hungry after he finished that he met me at Kim Bob Jong Guk and chowed down on TWO plates of food. He ate all of the food in front of him.
He kinda remined me of that character ALMER FUDD.........don't you think?

Here was a memorial set up for the victims of the VT shooting, just outside the American Embassy.

My package from Canada has arrived -- filled with loads of easter candy, Kraft dinner and some special messages from home......thanks mom, love you!!!!!
........and so does Sung Hyun........You should have seen how fast he opened this package.........he even ripped open one of the chocolate cream eggs and shoved the whole thing in his mouth.....................

My friend Anne Marie had a litter of kittens.........6 kitten to be exact. They are finally starting to walk around and explore........they are pretty cute!!!!!

My famous spaghetti dinner at my place with Sung Hyuns good friends. I am finally starting to understand a it of what they talk about.

This cute Korean guys was holding up a sigh that was offering FREE HUGS. When we saw that sign both Sung Hyun and myself ran up to the guy and gave him a gigantic was nice!!!!

LONG STORY SHORT....................after a movie Sung Hyun took me to this beautiful park/ musean. The sky was clear and there was peaceful music playing in the background. The trees were in full blossom. It totally reminded me of home. I started thinking about all the good times back in Canada and then I lost it.............I completely broke down and cried...........I wasn't happy I wasn't sad, I just wasn't anything.........just one of those moments where you just need to cry!!!!!

Korean summer if only I could lose 50 pounds so that I could actually fit it......hehe

Some yummy Korean food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slurping his soup Korean style!!!!!

ME TOO!!!! It was so funny to see all the delicate Korean ladies eating this dish with such grace. Hell with that I thought................why makes me different from a I picked up my soup and slurped it along with all the boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then we enjoyed some ice cream

Friday, April 13, 2007

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. AC 64 B 26JUL ICN - YVR 17:55 12:10
2. AC 8572 B 26JUL YVR - YQR 13:30 16:34
(Regina arrival time 4:30pm Thursday July 26)
............ DQ Blizzards............don't you forget my friend........hahaha...........
3. AC 8571 B 04AUG YQR - YVR 09:00 10:20
4. AC 3 B 04AUG YVR - NRT 13:30 15:05
5. UA 883 V 05AUG NRT - ICN 18:15 20:55 are confirmed and paid for..........
See you all in this summer!!!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Yes I know it's already half-way past this week and I am posting stuff from last weekend but I am really really busy. I AM/WAS planning on going back to Canada over my summer vacation but booking the ticket has been a real headache.

It seems impossible to do it yourself, so I am forced to go through a travel agent which I am sure they tack on a HUGE fee for doing so. Anyways, I emailed a bunch of companies inquiring information about the time/ price etc.. Apparently when you just inquire about the information they reserve a seat for you immediately. So here I get a wack load of emails saying that they have reserved my ticket for Canada....................what the heck?!?! How did I just go from asking about the ticket to them reserving a seat for me..............don't they have to ask me about that first? On top of that, some/ most of the companies can only guarantee me a seat and NOT Sung Hyun. And there was only one return flight home, which means Sung Hyun would have to travel from Vancouver to Japan to Korea ALONE.............hell NO NO NO!!! I am not sending my boyfriend home on a different plane especially when he has never flown before. So the best I could do in order to guarantee that we get on the same flight was to go the JAPAN route with him. BUT this extra stop over is costing us an extra $70 per person, go figure..........

If I leave Korea on the 26th of July I save an extra $200 per person. If I leave on the 27th it costs $200 more per person. Good lucking trying to get time off work...............I would rather have a $100 deducted off my paycheck for missing a day of work then to pay an extra $200. Infact I make more money if I leave on the 26th plus I get an extra day in Canada.

Anyways, well let's just say it's been so much of a problem that a) I've almost lost/ quit my job over it and b) I'm at the point that I really don't care anymore. Tonight I got in a fight with my manager about it and I walked home crying. Then I came home to an email that said it 'appears that you have double booked your ticket and in this case the airline will cancel your ticket'......................UGHHHH so frustrating.

Still not sure what will happen........................I just hope this trip home is worth all this!!!!!

Okay on to the weekend......

Jackson has been my really great friend this past 6 months and I love to shoot the shit with him. He is very smart and so I always feel like I learn something new when I talk with him. It was his 35th birthday this Saturday and we decided to head to Itaewon (his favorite place to pick up Korean girls). And since it was his birthday I a few co-workers agreed to come along. We had a few beers and a greasy hamburger and fries............yummmy!!! Btw, Jackson is the one on the left

On Saturday I woke up feeling pretty shitty. I wasn't sick or anything, but I just really missed home........ A LOT!!!!! Instead of sitting around my apartment sulking I decided that I needed to have a productive weekend, especially since I won't be able to enjoy my free time on the weekdays (study, study, study). So I cleaned my place from top to bottom. Then I met my friend PJ for dinner (haven't seen him in awhile so it was nice to catch up).

After dinner I headed over to Anne-Maries house for some fun. We wipped out the guitar and played some board games.

Here we are............posers!!!!

Oh geez Sarah, I just realized that Sung Hyun only throws up the deuce...........and here I am all Korean style

Here is my study board that I have attached to my wall in my room. Although I would rather draw on it then study.

And of course the next day (Sunday) we had to kick it off with as Western Breaky

.......complete with Canadian Maple Syrup

And the icing on the cake was the boys doing the dishes


Right, almost forgot about these little games on every street corner. One dollar gives you 5 tries to pick up the toy...................I didn't go home with a teddy bear today. Maybe next time Sung Hyun

And on Sunday afternoon after a short rest we walked to Yeoido Park to check out the cherry blossoms.

And here they beautiful!!!

It's rare that you find garbage cans around Seoul, but when you do they are always overflowing

Oh we had to pose behind these flowers because EVERYONE was doing it

Here's one cool picture of Sung Hyun and Anne Marie. I attempted this jump and smile thing buy I ended up looking like a retard............seriously (hence the reason I didn't post it)
Just some boys having fun

Our for an afternoon stroll. Sung Hyun and his PUMA man purse

Anne Marie got pissed off at Sung Hyun so she wacked him with her popcorn bag and then it burst open. Here is the end result
Fun times, fun times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Birthday Party

On Sunday I had the opportunity to go to a 1-year olds birthday party. Now this certainly wasn't like your average Western birthday with cake, candles and close friends. Infact there were several diffences. Firstly, the couple wore matching hanbok's (baby included). Secondly, the baby sat in a King's thrown like chair. Thirdly, there were way too many ppl packed into the room (totally Korean style). Fourthly, they must have spent a fortune on this for 50 guests, yikes!!!! Fifthly, there was another celebration happening right on the other side of the buffet table.

Anyways, I could go on forever, but all I will say is that is wasn't what I had anticipated.

Okay so here is some sort of Korean tradition. The baby is presented with some items and he/ she gets to chose an item. All the items have some sort of significant meaning. Money repesents a life full of wealth. A spool of thread means that you will live a long life. If you choose the pencil then you will be very studious.........and I think there is one more item but neither Sung Hyun or I can remember.

So here she is on her 1 year birthday, wondering what the heck all this fuss is about.

I love these Korean style picture albums. They are just like books. I am tempted to book an afternoon at a studio with Sung Hyun so that we can get one of these made...................but that would be kinda gay!!!!! Just have to wait till I get married I guess.

Goofing around with some friends.

Here he is all red-faced again. This is what happens when you mix alcohol with Koreans. It's so funny to see their skin instantly flush after just a couple shots of SOJU. Can you tell I got my hair cut and coloured (yes I know it's still a little black but it's the best he could do right after I destroyed my hair).

ROUND 2 -- after the party we ditched the baby and headed over to a restaurant for some more food, drinks and fun times. I got the opportunity to meet most of Sung Hyun's highschool friends. We had a blast!!!!!

I had a little problem this week with an infected toe..............I won't go into the details, but my trip to the hospital resulted in the doctor wanting to remove my toenail. I opted for some anti-biotics instead. Hopefully that will clear things up so they don't have to rip it out........yah not fun. Anyways I definately should not have worn high-heeled shoes. Sung Hyun kept asking me how my foot was doing through-out the night and as soon as I said it started to hurt he was eager to slip into my shoes.

I joke around that he is so gay and that if he ever lived in Canada he would never be able to get away with anything like this. But really deep down I think this is soooooo sweet and cute and it's these little gestures that make me love him even more. After I announced that I was going to post this picture on my blog he was still all smiles for the camera.