Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I sit here after work on a Wednesday night, thinking.................

Today happens to be WHITE DAY (the reverse Valentine's Day) and although I told myself not to expect anything, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little excited to see if Sung Hyun has anything planned for me.

Yes I know this is one big commercialized holiday. And yes I know that if you love someone then you don't need a special day to proclaim or prove your love.

But this is what I have to say to you may recall my gift to Sung Hyun didn't cost much; rather is was very thoughtful and time consuming.

Also, all too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life that sometimes we take people and love, for that matter, for granted. So it's nice to have a day set aside for romance, even if that just involves reminicing about past memories.

When I got home from work today, I was quite shocked to see that someone had left a message for me on msn. I was shocked because a) I had no clue who this person was b) they were asking me if I was living in Canada or Korea, so obviously they knew about my life.

After about 10 minutes of research I discovered who it was.................then the memories started flooding just so happens to be a Korean guy who I dated last year. I remember him being so in love with me...................he would write me love letters and put them in my mailbox while I was sleeping. He would surprise me at my house with gifts. He was the total romantic!!!!! But it was one-sided mostly because I wasn't interested in getting into a relationship with anyone at the time.

He would do anything for me. It was too easy, he was too into me and it weirded me out. I mean how could someone say the words 'I love you' after only dating you for 10 days........really?!?! Needless to say our relationship didn't last long (mind you, that also had to do with the fact that he had a Korean girlfriend at the time -- which I was not aware of -- and I was not about to get involved in a love triangle............nor was I interested in a relationship either).

I remember him showing up at my door step with flowers and a jar full of candies with mine and his name enscribed into the was a year ago today that this happened, so I find it quite bizzare that of all the days he decides to contact me it's today................especially since I have not talked, seen, or messeged since that time.

But that is neither here nor there and I really don't care to analyze his intentions because I am perfectly happy in my relationship with Sung Hyun.

We'll see about how happy I am with it by the end of tonight..................haha, okay I'm just joking -- really I am not that bad.

Maybe I'll have a story to tell, and maybe I won't (*sigh*)


Anonymous said...

so?????? what happened????!!

Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Hey Jenn...

So... we're all dying to hear about your White Day!! Seriously, the fact that you haven't posted anything is starting to make me wonder!
You realize I'm the single girl here and so hearing your cute stories about your love life is the only sense of romance I have in my life... ha, ha, ha.