Friday, March 16, 2007



I was really hoping that I could get away without posting this simply because White Day was total CRAP, certainly not due to lack of effort on Sung Hyun's behalf.

You know the feeling when you have one of those days that no matter what anyone says of does it can NEVER cheer you up. Well I had one of those day and it happened to be White Day. I was grumpy, I was pouty and acting like the biggest baby ever. Sung Hyun would have just been better off staying away, far away.

And I certainly don't know what I was EXPECTING Sung Hyun to do, but it didn't matter what it was, it wouldn't be good enough. HOW HORRIBLE IS THAT FOR ME TO THINK THAT WAY!!!! You see I am quite the perfectionist, add a dash of grumpyness and some PMS, and NO ONE CAN EVER WIN (just ask my mom, or any of my friends for that matter).

That was my White Day................and like I said, I am still lucky to have a boyfriend!!!!!

So here is how it unfolded --

He called me in the afternoon at like 2ish asking if I wanted to go to V.I.P.S, an over-priced restaurant that is conviently close to my house. Here's what I thought: 'oh great this guy doesn't have anything planned for me, so he wants to head to the most expensive restuarant in my neighbourhood to make everything all better, or this was some last minute effort to make my day splendid'.....................since he is trying hard to save what little money he makes so that he can come to Canada in the summer, we have agreed to eat out less and start cooking more from home. Knowing this, I told him that I didn't want to go to V.I.P.S.

He asked where I would like to go instead, and I said something about heading to Kim Bob Joeng Gook, the other local Korean fast-food joint near my house, where meals can be purchased for around $2.............I was hoping he did take my joke seriously but I guess he did.

At around 7:30 pm I was getting hungry so I called him and he said that I should go to Kim bob to pick up dinner................he told me what he wanted to order and gave me instructions to just get it to go (take out). I still didn't think that I would be spending White Day eating, cheap Korean food on my floor, so I was imagining him waiting for me at the restaurant sitting in a horse drawn carriage so that he could whisk me off my feet.

A short 5 minute walk later, I arrived at the restuarant -- no Sung Hyun, no horse, no carriage.

Disappointed already, I slowly walked back to my house not excited at all for what he had in store. When I opened my door I saw this:

Now anyone in a somewhat happy mood would have been completely SHOCKED AND SURPRISED by his attempts. After all, little did I know that he was hidding around my building waiting for me to call when I got hungry and trying to make it look like he forgot about white day. Little did I know that when I was ordering the food, he was sneaking into my place trying to prepare everything in time for my return.


Anyways I think you get my point. So the I LOVE YOU signs were leading to the bedroom and right before my slidding doors there was this gift basket filled with ALL OF MY FAVORITE CANDIES AND SNACKS, plus a bottle of wine (and the sign on it says I LOVE YOU, in Korean)

Oh and he also got me a bunch of flowers with a single rose

When I opened my doors into my bedroom, he wasn't there. I looked under my bed and desk and checked all the regular hiding spots. Finally I heard a big giggle come from my padio and there we was with his arms in the I LOVE YOU HEART SHAPE, wearing a silly pig nose and the biggest smile of him face (don't ask me what the nose was all about -- perhaps it's because I always call him a pig).

Yah he certainly doesn't look to happy in this picture because it was taken after all the shit hit the fan, so it's his reinactment pose, minus his huge smile ;(

So yup after all that.................I was still bitchy and I said mean things to him like, you didn't plan this ahead of time, did you forget about White Day, blugh blugh blugh.

His reply to all of it was 'you know I don't have a money so I can't buy a gift basket for you because they are a many many money, so I make this gift for you and I know all your candies you like so this gift is my think'

..............can you understand his Konglish???? Basically he is saying that he put his special touch into making a basket full of my favorite goodies because it has more meaning than buying one off the street (plus he couldn't afford it).

He was so proud of himself that he pulled it off and it only took me two seconds to crush him like a fly and make him feel like he didn't do a good job. He said 'I'm sorry, I know I am a bad boyfriend and I know your Valentine's gift to me is very special, and my White Day gift to you is bad'.

After dinner he said that he would do all the dishes for me (the ones from his night before birthday dinner) so he spent 20 minutes in the kitchen cleaning it up. When he came back into the room I asked him what he wanted to do next and he said 'whatever you want'................I rolled over in my bed and fell asleep, without washing my face, brushing my teeth, or changing my clothes.

He tapped me on the shoulder, held up the I LOVE YOU signs one by one while wearing the pig nose and said 'sweet dreams my love'


So there it is. The more I think about it the more angry at myself I become for how much of an A** I was. I woke up the next day with the biggest guilt feelings (and poor Sung Hyun woke up with the biggest cold not only did he get treated like shit, but he also feels like shit too).

I called my mom to make things all better. She said that I DESERVED TO FEEL GUILTY AFTER WHAT I HAD SAID AND DONE TO THE MAN THAT I CARE ABOUT SO MUCH. And you know what she is definately right!!!!

I did my best to apoligize to Sung Hyun for my rude and not-called for remarks, but I knew no matter what I said, it would not take away the hurt that I destowed upon him the night before. I knew I had screwed this one up big time. I felt like I was walking on egg shells and wondered if he would ever think of me the same way.

I texted him saying that I was a bad person and that I was sorry for what happened. He responded 'don't worry, you are so good girlfriend'.


Professor Amy-Michelle said...

Ahhhhh Jenn....

I am so sorry sweetie to hear about your story. I know you're upset and feel so bad but we've ALL screwed up before... we're only humans, right?! Not that I wouldn't worry about it but don't worry about it too much. The last thing you want to do is totally dwell on it, bombard him with "I'm sorrys" and drag it out even more.

He loves you SO much, it's obvious, and so trust me when I say this... he knows YOU love him SO much too. And I'm sure he knows that that was just an off day for you.

You two make such a sweet couple and I always enjoy reading your couple stories... you're quite the romantic, I envy you!

My words of advice would be to continue being that awesome person you are.... that awesome person your guy is SO in love with.

Sunny said...

At least you can take comfort in knowing that he's seen you at your worst and still wants you. And, any guy that can come up with 'this gift is my think' is a keeper.

Sandra said...

Awe. Poor Sung Hyun. You'll just have to plan something special to make up for it?

undauntedoh said...

man.. your bf is such a nice person albiet i do not know him well. treat him well.. girl. you never know how closely he has reached his boiling point-
btw, i hope you feel better
about the loss. i mean your best friend's loss.

Beloved said...

Don't beat yourself up over this. I've had the exact same regret over some hysterical behavior of mine the morning after. I don't know what gets into me sometimes. My husband knows this about me though, and he's very forgiving--thankfully for me. I always make it up to him--somehow!

Empireofrain said...

sorry it took me so long to read your blog, highschool can suck!
well, i dont think you deserve to feel guilty, though its expected. i think maybe you should make t up to him in some loveing special way, to make him feel better (and you as well). im sure what it could be since i dont know what he likes, and the money thing doesnt help either. he seems like a real sweet guy so i wouldnt worry about loseing him, but making him feel better/letting him know you care couldnt hurt. is all you did was text him? ive learned face to face apologies are much better.