Friday, March 02, 2007

Finally my home!!!!!

Well my little apt. in Korea has now become pretty cozy. After putting up some pictures and buying some plants it has now become my home (away from home). My parents are going to have to pry me away from Korea now (hey mom I'll be on the next flight out if you buy me a house........keke).

So my first two apartments were just ok, but this one is pretty kickin'

This is what I see when I open my door. Directly behind me is the door. Although small, I do still have a kichen

And here is is up close and personal

WOW, no dishes!!!

I have a ton of windows in my kitchen (and bedroom for that matter) so I get lots of sunlight

Here is my fridge all stocked up

Can't forget the cupboard space. It's nice to fit everything in and not have to worry about storing things.

Here is my door to get out of my apartment, with my mini table

........which I never use

Down this hall and through the sliding doors is my bedroom. To the right is my bathroom.

Gotta love my floor mat

Enter the bathroom...........

Super clean with lots of counter space

Oh yah, lets not forget the shower

Finally the bedroom...............I don't think Korean apartments have closets. So here is my clothing bureau

To the left of that is my work space................and soon to be study space when I eventually get around to learning Korean.

My super duper queen sized bed that can fit four Sung Hyun's.

Behind the TV to the right are a set of huge sliding glass doors to my storage area and washing machine. I still need to buy some curtains but the sunlight is awesome none the less.

So that's it................the grand tour of my pad.

KOREAN THOUGHT OF THE DAY = Never ever wear your shoes inside a Korean house. Always take them off at the front door and put on either socks or slippers because it is rude to go bare foot. I LEARNED THAT THE HARD WAY.....................

-- from me ;)


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Love your kitchen. Huge sink and skinny frig. keke.
Nice to have all those windows, makes your other 2 apartments look like dungeons. Lovely decor and oh so clean. Are you sure this is your apartment? keke
Looks like you have settled in nicely and have a comfortable place you can call home. Thanks for the tour. Love ya

Beloved said...

Wow~~your place looks GREAT. It's much nicer than any of the four places I lived in during my years in Korea (yes, four in six years time!) Hmmm. . . It might even be nicer (albeit smaller) than my townhouse now!

JENNA said...

Awesome apartment Jennifer! It is sooo nice and big compared to your previous ones! You actually have more that just a room.
Funny thing that is completely unrelated...I had a dream last night that you and I were driving around in my car in the winter and you were showing me different routes to get to your parent's house. Don't ask me why I was dreaming about that....
Anyways, have a great weekend!