Friday, February 02, 2007

Fun with friends

Well I guess this is my first Korean FEMALE friend. Thank goodness for her because I think my lover was starting to worry. She is so cute and was a teacher at Kids Club for about a month. Before I went back to Canada, we had two chance meetings in the subway. We exchanged numbers and I told her I would call her when I returned to Korea. I am so happy I did because she is so full of energy and spirit and I think we click really well. I can't wait to hang out with her're a blast Vicky (sorry I don't have Korean characters on my computer, or I would have written your Korean name). are beautiful (even with your new hairstyle), so don't hate me for posting this pic of you.......hehehe

Meet Justin and his 3 goldfish. After the weekend I always ask my students what they did.........and unfortunately everyone mostly says they study (ummm that sounds like a fun weekend). Well Justin was so excited to tell me that he went shopping for 3 goldfish with his dad. Infact he couldn't stop talking about it.....all class. I started to bug him and now all the other students call him 'goldfish'. Wednesday was my last day teaching this class so we had a snack party. I told Justin that he should bring his fish family to school so they could party with us. Well what I thought was really just a joke, turned into reality when he walked as the proud owner of '3 goldfish' in a heafty ziplock bag.....................ahhhh Justin I will miss your sense of humour.
Charlie and I went for some dinner.............yummy Korean food -- check out the vivid red aprons that you wear while you eat. Since they cook the meal at your table its helps to keep the food from splating all over you, but after I eat this food I always leave smelling like the food, yuck!!!

Then we headed to "Angle In Us" coffee shop so some good mochas and nice chatting about life and love..........ahhhhh

KOREAN THOUGHT OF THE DAY = "Confucian conceptions of age largely remain to this day in Korea. The elderly rule in any personal situation and almost all professional situations. Rank is very much determined by age. In Korea it is almost unheard of for a boss to be younger then his (her) employees or subordinates. In university the older students who enter first are very much in charge of younger students and may send them on errands for the group like fetching snacks or coffee. And younger people can NEVER, ever be rude or question a senior, even if they have been the recipient of rude remarks or behavior themselves. The flip side of this seemingly unequal relationship is that older people are very much responsible for teaching, training, and taking care of younger successors. And the best part is, they are usually responsible for the bill. So be careful when inviting out a big group of your younger co-workers or classmates, because you are very likely to be stuck with a large tab!!!!"
-- taken from Stephen Revere's SURVIVAL KOREAN.

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Sarah said...

Oh Jen u are lookin beautiful as always......but I did not teach u to chuck up tha duece that way.....disapointin....LOL